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Bra fittings during pregnancy

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33goingon64 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:46:34

Just found out am pg with DC2. Boobs already feeling quite big! Last time I got fitted for new bras during 2nd trimester and then again for feeding bras just before birth. Spent a fortune (just M&S but still). When's the best time to get fitted during pregnancy? Earlier rather than later? Or do you really have to go several times?

KLou1105 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:02:59

I did the same as you went for a fitting around 20weeks at m&s brought 3, then I went again to mothercare at 36 weeks for nursing bras and have so far only got 2! I don't want to spend too much if I'm not going fit in them for long x

whereisshe Tue 18-Mar-14 16:16:00

I got fitted once my boobs grew when pregnant (I think it was aboit 12 weeks, quite early).

But wait for nursing bras until the baby arrives. Mine grew more after DD was born.

I had one of the Bravado non cup sized ones for the first few weeks until I felt like braving a bra shopping trip!

Then I went to Bravissimo - having a nice nursing bra for my saggy huge boobs made such a difference, suddenly they had shape and i felt less like a milk cow... Wasn't that expensive either.

ChicaMomma Tue 18-Mar-14 16:53:43

I am in so much pain around the ribs at the moment that i cannot wear a bra at ALL! i was once a 32C, recently measured a 36C at 25 weeks- but even the new M&S 36C bra aggrevates the rib area. So i am hanging loose at the moment while my rib expansion settles down. Has anybody else experienced this? it's horrid!!!!!!! I loved my narrow ribcage as well, looked really neat in empire line dresses, i wonder will it ever go back to its original size?

weebairn Tue 18-Mar-14 17:02:10

ChicaMomma I went from a 32E to a 32/34ff at my biggest. My hips expanded too. Everything went back to normal (took a while). Baby is 18 months, I am still bf, pregnant again, and boobs are as perky and nice as before I ever had babies. I think I am partly still bf because I can't stand the thought of them getting any bigger due to the pregnancy if I stop!! selfish mama!

mummytobejuly2014 Tue 18-Mar-14 17:02:56

my ribs are agony! im 24wks and belly is huge! I used to be a slim 6/8 on top 30B, went up to 30C, then added a back extender, then a 32B, then had to add an extender to this also. think i need a 34A now. cup size not going up too much, just a little fuller. the underwire is catching above my belly, feel too flat chested to not wear a slight pushup bra. I've been buying newlook lightly pushup bras off their sale rail, £6 for a pack of 2. cant wait for ribs to settle again!

ChicaMomma Tue 18-Mar-14 17:09:24

Mummytobejuly- the midwife told me that as someone with a narrow frame (which would apply to you too) it will probably affect us more- so for someone that was already a 36 measurement, they'll not notice so much. It's absolutely horrific though, i'm moving around like a lunatic at my desk here all day just to ease the pain. Last nite it was itchy and NUMB under my boobs. Like you say, my actual boobs are not that different (just a bit fatter sadly, along with my bum and everything, my own fault for being a first trimester HOUND) it's just the wider ribs.. glad to hear they do retreat, weebairn!

OurMiracle1106 Tue 18-Mar-14 17:22:41

I went from a 32 to a 34c whilst pregnant. Then went from a 34c to a 34dd. I had no supply so couldny breastffeed but still ended up bigger

Heatherbell1978 Wed 19-Mar-14 07:48:02

My normal bras were too small by the time I was 8 weeks! Got measured at Bravissimo and I'd gone from a D to F cup. I didn't buy any at Bravissimo cos I found them too expensive especially if I was going to grow more so just went to M&S and bought their cheap 2 pack t-shirt bras. So far they're still ok (I'm 19 wks). I'm hoping I can hold off buying nursing bras until right at the end!

flipflopsonfifthavenue Wed 19-Mar-14 08:16:08

I went from 30FF to 34H/I. Was actually really depressing. I switched to wireless at about 12 weeks as was bursting out of pre-pregnancy ones, and I was somehow convinced I HAD to wear soft-cup during pregnancy. Was in a series of hideous Triumph soft cups bras which were shapless and so hideous, til about late 20s when I went to Debenhams and I got fitted for a decent underwired bra and it changed my life. My boobs were in the right place again, and there were two of them. As long as you get fitted properly it's fine to wear under wire. i think the problem comes from the fact that the vast majority of women wear the wrong sized bra, which is a problem in pregnancy because of growing milk ducts etc.

I'd just get fitted each time your bra feels a bit uncomfortable. that may be once in the whole pregnancy or several times!
I'm about 7 wks pregnanct with DC2 and my boobs are already bursting out of my bra, but am dreading getting fitted. I wonder how huge they'll become this time sad(

JustDanni Wed 19-Mar-14 19:03:34

I had to buy new bras at 8 weeks!
Now 19 and will need re-measured!
You might need to shop 2 or 3 times.

Sussex31 Wed 19-Mar-14 19:17:44

I bought new bras at 8 weeks and 21 weeks, and have gone from 34DD to 36G so far.

Both non-wired, from Debenhams and M&S, and they are fine, if not the most flattering. I figure pregnancy does plenty of other unflattering things so I don't mind too much!

I am 27 weeks today and just invested in a couple of Asda Soft and Comfy bras for bed.

TheScience Wed 19-Mar-14 19:21:06

Just make sure you don't get measured by M&S - they're rubbish! Better to measure yourself or go somewhere like Bravissimo if you can.

33goingon64 Tue 25-Mar-14 15:42:40

Thanks for all these replies. I will go for the wait and see approach and only buy 2 at a time. Interesting that underwired can be comfy too.

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