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Induction dos & don'ts

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williwonti Tue 18-Mar-14 12:55:01

Ok, so a final mw visit today confirms that even though I am 7 days overdue I am probably nowhere near (as my son wasn't) so I am in for induction on Thursday (due to previous 4.5kg baby and thyroid). I'm otherwise very healthy. With DS1 I was induced but felt I was on a bit of a conveyor belt and didn't think about any "options" beforehand. there anything I need to give thought to before my induction?

Mummytobe2014 Tue 18-Mar-14 13:03:26

Watching with interest smile

KatAndKit Tue 18-Mar-14 14:46:08

What is their policy on fetal monitoring and what are your options for remaining active would be on my list of things to ask.

If I have to be induced again I will be refusing to go on a drip without an epidural already in place.

Pregnantagain7 Tue 18-Mar-14 15:54:20

I am with katandkit on the epidural thing! The drip hurts a lot in my opinion! I'm sure someone will be along soon that did it on a couple of wiffs of gas and air and half a paracetamol and fair play to them if they did and I totally respect that. However that was not me! I've had two really good successful inductions the first one I lasted about on hour on the drip before the epidural was put in midwives were great and just said just let us know if you want one and it will be here ASAP which it was. The second I had it put as soon as they broke my waters and I didn't need the drip til pushing stage ( contractions really slowed down).

Both really good positive births I would say don't be scared of firmly asking for pain relief and go in with positive thoughts, induction gets really bad press sometimes and it doesn't always have to be a negative experience

HTH smile

Pregnantagain7 Tue 18-Mar-14 16:23:00

Sorry missed the bit in your post where you said you have already had an induction you probably know everything I just said! smile

thereisnoeleventeen Tue 18-Mar-14 16:37:36

Definitely agree that you need to ask about keeping active. I was able to keep active when I was induced but had to stay on the bed (I prefer to be on the floor leaning over the bed).

If I am induced again I will see if they can turn the machine away so that I can't see how far the MW turns the drip up each time.

LOL at a 'few wiffs of gas and air'! I was delirious on the stuff, mainly because I knew that there was no point asking for an epidural because they were too busy that night to administer it!

Getyourflipflopson Tue 18-Mar-14 16:44:14

With my first birth, I managed to stay at home until I was 8 cm dilated. With my second, I was induced because my blood pressure kept rising. I was begging for an epidural at 5 cm, and that is despite previously being very scared of the thought of one. Basically the pain is a lot more intense with an induced birth as your body hasn't got time to produce the natural hormones for pain relief, as it would with a spontaneous labour. That's what I read anyway! Good luck!

peeapod Tue 18-Mar-14 16:53:02

i could be wrong but it sounds like an induction is similar to having an elective c section in so much as the out of control feeling.
I really recommend thinking about the little things that could help you feel more in control. As others have mentioned, pain relief, keeping active, etc.
Making it personal is always a good thing too, make sure you have music if you think it will help or your fav. food, or smelly toiletries etc etc.
I think for me its about taking back a bit of control from the medical team as its your birth.. However you do that..

Misty9 Tue 18-Mar-14 17:16:34

I was induced with ds due to SROM at 40+3 but was already favourable and 2cm so straight to drip. For me, although extremely intense, it wasn't unbearable and I just used tens machine in first hour or so. Established labour of 2.5hrs then 3hrs of pushing...which wasn't too fun. I was on constant monitoring and gave birth on my back, but actually I didn't want to move!

Ask about intermittent monitoring versus continuous, and don't forget you won't be allowed to eat - I felt awful after the birth which was mostly lack of blood sugar IMO. So pack lots of energy giving snacks for afterwards.

Hope you go before then though smile

williwonti Tue 18-Mar-14 21:51:38

Thanks all, will take note of some of these ready for thurs.

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