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shuffling along duck-style

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cathpip Tue 18-Mar-14 07:16:08

Baby dropped over the weekend and I am now waddling like a constipated duck smile. Am 37 weeks and both of my other dc find it hilarious that mummy has turned into a slow coach, and don't even ask about how ladylike I look whilst getting in and out of the car!!!!

bebopanddoowop Tue 18-Mar-14 05:51:03

Ooh I'm glad the achey thighs thing isn't just me. Though am sorry you have it, of course! I am 36weeks and this week turned into a duck. It's just frustrating / embarrassing because I otherwise feel able to move til I move a certain way and OUCH.

I reckon it's normal. I hope.

shmuf Tue 18-Mar-14 05:31:26

Hi all,
I'm 37weeks now dc2 and seem to have lost the ability to walk like a normal human being!really bad lower back ache,and achey thighs that can't open more than a couple of centimetres at a this normal?!last pregnancy I was running around til the very very end,this time around I can't walk more than 5mins without stopping for a rest!

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