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8 week scan - my experience

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squizita Tue 18-Mar-14 09:45:12

I had 6! Similar situ to Boogles they're NHS ones.

The problem is now they're like "you're off high-risk - see you in 6 weeks". And I'm paranoid!

DH said he'll pay for a 'sanity scan' as he calls it, he can send the photos up to the outlaws up North too. smile

Boogles91 Mon 17-Mar-14 22:27:39

Hehe i had one at my epu smile as history of mc. And they did everything here lol except dvd n loadsa piks lol but we saw our lil bambeano beating away and growing smile i was put at 9wks+5 lol wich was unexpected as i was only going for 7wk scan smile i was sort of relieved until i read that you can have a mmc, the. I started panicking again sad especialy whe i lost my sypmtoms. The. There he was at our 14 wk scan :D kicking away hehe xx

RebeccaCloud9 Mon 17-Mar-14 21:22:53

Hi all, just been for an 8 week private scan and wanted to share my experience. It was £75 for a really thorough scan, a whole pile of photos and a DVD. Just for putting my mind at rest I feel it was worth it but I felt the whole thing was a really lovely experience.

Straight away, he showed us the baby and the heartbeat which made me breathe a massive sigh of relief! After that, he gave us a really in-depth scan, measuring and dating the baby and having a good look all around for any cysts or other abnormalities. I had been worried about the possibility of having an internal scan but they got a really clear picture from a trans-abdominal hooray!

Highly recommended - especially if you are just too impatient like me to wait for a 12-14 week scan!

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