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Can a Corset harm my babies?

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Treecreeper Mon 17-Mar-14 21:20:00


I'm 22 weeks with twin girls, and am currently enjoying all the thrills of horrible sciatica. My consultant referred me to physiotherapy for the sciatic pain which I was initially really pleased about as I just figured they would show me some good exercises or confirm that what I was doing already would help (swimming, using my TENS machine and resting, gentle exercise etc)....but no.

I've been told not to swim, lay off the walking, and have been given crutches, and today fitted for a corset/girdle thing. I can cope with most of the things they have said but the corset is killing me, it wraps right round over my rather big bump, I've been told to keep it tight as this will help my back, but as soon as they put it on I could just feel my bump being crushed rather than it helping my back and my babies just went mad flipping around and kicking. It's really scared me that the corset is going to squish them and hurt them, part of me us thinking of putting up with the sciatica rather than wear the corset. I asked at the time and was just told it was fine.

Has anyone else had this sort of physio treatment for sciatica? How did you deal with it? How did upsurge bump react?!

Thanks xx

Boogles91 Mon 17-Mar-14 23:04:10

I got told the exact same thing only my sciatica not pg related smile ive had it for four years lol tbh i gave up with my physio and just learnt to cope with the pain. Diazapam helped me walk better with it when its off but nothing kills the pain unfortunatly :/ as for the corset dont wear it, i should imagine it will squash your babies onto all youur other organs, our lil boy is blocking my right kidney so cant imaginewhat having two with not much room in do to you 0.0 theres only so much room in one persons body lol you can check with mw but im guessing she would say only if its comfatable for you ifits not then dont xx

Treecreeper Tue 18-Mar-14 10:47:02

Thanks Boogles91.

I've had diazepam in the past when I wasn't pregnant, and generally a couple of ibruprofen really sort me out. Obviously can't take anything now. I keep joking that as soon as the babies are out I'm not celebrating with a glass of wine it will be with two nurofen!!

I am going to speak to my midwife about the corset, I can understand why they have given it me but they don't seem to have thought through the logistics of having babies and organs inside me all being squished together.

It's sort of catch 22. I don't want to squish and hurt my babies, but equally I don't want to mess up my back and not be able to bend down or pick up my babies when they are here.

Hey ho! Things can only get better I am sure! Hope your kidney gets a bit of room soon!!


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