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Braxton Hicks or not?

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charr18 Mon 17-Mar-14 20:12:03

Just a quick one..

Just recently I've been getting period type pains, well the pain you get when you're about to come on.. It's been on and off for the past week but since friday they're becoming more frequent, I've had it 3 times today since dinner time, because its not very often I'm not majorly worried or anything, just slightly confused because I'm not sure if its braxton hicks or something i should be more concerned about.
I wasn't sure if Braxton Hicks were meant to be painful, but when it comes on, i literally have to just curl up in a ball and i can hardly move, but it passes after 5/10 minutes..
I'm 33 Weeks gone.

Thank You. x

LegoCaltrops Mon 17-Mar-14 20:18:03

My BH were horrible, sound just like what you're having. As long as they arent getting worse, more frequent, or lasting longer, there's no need for immediate worry. But if they do, or your waters break, call the midwife/maternity unit straightaway.

charr18 Mon 17-Mar-14 20:26:04

That's what i was thinking, if it did get any worse or anything was coming out be it a head or waters, I'd be ringing up and on my way to hospital but for now whilst i can still feel baby in there and nothings come out of anywhere I'm just gonna sit back and take paracetamol, oh the joys ! I just wasn't 100% sure it was BH, so was just checking, when i asked my mum she never had them with me or my brothers so she wasn't much help. Lol, Thank you ! x

SicknSpan Mon 17-Mar-14 21:02:31

I visited my midwife at 34 weeks after having really strong Braxton Hicks for a whole day- bump going incredibly tight, really uncomfortable and quite painful to the point that they would stop me in my tracks. Not period like at all though.

MW was concerned as she said BH should not hurt and certainly shouldn't be bad enough to stop me doing what I was doing. I was shipped off to hospital for observation and stayed overnight whilst they monitored me, had an internal examination and was 3cm dilated. However it all calmed down and ds2 arrived at 38 weeks after all.

Just wanted to share this and stay just give your midwife a ring- if you're in so much pain it doesn't sound like BH. She may very well say don't worry its perfectly normal, but it might be a sign of a UTI or similar perhaps? I'd get it checked out just to be safe.

Good luck OP.

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