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JuniorMint Sun 16-Mar-14 19:15:41


Does anyone know anything about stevia (sweetener) during pregnancy?

I've been craving fruit juice so much but it's so sugary and also acidic (giving me heart burn!) so I was pleased when I found the new(ish) Tropicana Trop 50- at first I thought I was basically just watered down/diluted Tropicana to lessen the sugar, but now I see it is sweetened with stevia.

I've had a quick google, and can't really find anything conclusive- most people seem to think that as a lot of these types of sweeteners are so new, there hasn't been enough research into any risks yet.


KiwiBanana Sun 16-Mar-14 19:37:18

Stevia actually comes from a plant so is a lot more natural than other sweetners like aspartame.

It's still very new though, you're right in that there's not a whole load of information on it.

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