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Did you travel in the month before your EDD?

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Inbl00m Sun 16-Mar-14 11:05:25

We're going to a wedding 3 weeks before EDD that's a few hours
away. I'm wondering whether travelling on the day (and then going to the wedding from 12 midday to 12 midnight) is feasible or whether we'll be doing ourselves a favour by booking a hotel for the night before to cut out travel on the day.

I'm sure everybody has different experiences but I'd be interested to hear from others who've been in/are in similar situations smile

nolongerbumpieorlumpie Sun 16-Mar-14 11:07:08

If you are looking to spend most of your time at the wedding then I'd go the night before. I went to a wedding at 30weeks and travelled the same day. I was in bed by 9am!

Kellyjdancer Sun 16-Mar-14 11:55:48

I went away in the last month. If it's not a struggle financially, you will be very happy to have booked a room.

A bonus is you will feel as though you were able to "get away" one last time before baby.

K8eee Sun 16-Mar-14 11:58:49

I travelled up until 37 weeks now 39 weeks and definitely wouldn't recommend it so close to my EDD. The one thing I know I hated is how uncomfortable I felt whilst travelling & how achey I was after being in the car for so long but if you haven't suffered too much in that sense, you should be good to go. I would highly recommend travelling the day before though if you can afford a hotel.

OddFrog Sun 16-Mar-14 12:00:44

If you can travel the day before, do. If you're driving, take your time; get out and walk around as often as possible! I spent 5 hours driving to a wedding on Skye 4 weeks before my EDD... Baby turned breech and I blame my car seat position. Although we did have a lovely cs experience, I'd rather have had a home birth!

Have a great time and make the most of your day out.

Fairypants Sun 16-Mar-14 12:02:44

I'd book a hotel. Travelling a few hours at that point involved numerous stops for toilets and stretching legs to always took a lot longer than expected. On top of that, I would want maximum comfort in clothes so would want to get changed and do make-up etc on arrival rather than before leaving home. You'd end up having to leave really early and be too knackered to enjoy it.
If you book an extra night away, you can make it a bit of a last romantic trip before the baby instead of being a long hard slog.

Inbl00m Sun 16-Mar-14 19:35:15

Thanks so much everyone, so helpful to hear your experiences. Mumsnet must be one of the nicest places on the Internet! Will definitely book a room the night before. One last romantic break here we come!

Rosebud29 Sun 16-Mar-14 19:49:00

I'm travelling to a wedding several hours away at 36wks and I've been worried about whether I'll be able to do the journey. I can't miss it, it's my cousin's wedding and my OH is best man. Luckily my other cousin's wife is due the day after me so we can be big and uncomfortable and waddle about together :-)

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