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Recommendations needed..

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lucy108 Sun 16-Mar-14 06:36:58

I'm expecting our first baby in September. I'd like to buy a few books with good advice for first time mothers. Which would you recommend - there are so many!

RadgeWeeMidden Sun 16-Mar-14 06:49:11

I'm in the same boat as you so I can't tell you from experience which books are good... But I was recommended Your baby week by week, by Caroline Fertleman. I've been reading it during my pregnancy and certainly seems really helpful. No doctrines, just information on what to expect and how to do the kind of stuff you've never done before. Recommended.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sun 16-Mar-14 06:50:14

I like Your Baby Week by Week.
Down to earth practical advice, no apparent agenda re feeding/sleeping/routine.

Also recommend The Wonder Weeks to get you through the tough patches; that one is much more of a 'this is our philosophy of parenting' though.

Good luck with your pregnancy!

lucy108 Sun 16-Mar-14 18:06:51

Thank you very much!

AnnaBanana25 Sun 16-Mar-14 18:12:23

Personally, I liked The Other Baby Book for alternative ideas and advice but obviously up to you on whether that is what you'd like to look into.

Recently read Baby Led Breastfeeding which again up to you and whether you'll be breastfeeding, I found it helpful to read early on to quash some of the worries ive been having. Knowing the info makes me feel better.

Good luck and congratulations :-)

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