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Another how soon after c section ?

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Peacenquiet2 Sun 16-Mar-14 01:08:37

How soon after having c section did those who had one enjoy a glass of wine?
Dont get me wrong im not an alki and not gagging but am wondering when is okay to enjoy a nice glass of red? Im giving myself fragmin injections for another 3 days and am on parcetomol and ibuprofen for pain relief as needed. Also im not bf so thats not a worry.

confuddledDOTcom Sun 16-Mar-14 01:27:18

OK, breastfeeding wouldn't be a worry anyway and neither are your medication. As long as you are either safe to care for or have a designated caregiver then it's fine to drink.

Alcohol is a blood thinner so don't overdo it whilst you're on hep but I'm talking massive amounts anyway.

I won a crate of wine from MN when I was pregnant and said to one of my MWs I was looking forward to trying it, she told me off and said I knew I could have had some whilst pregnant (I'd known her for about 5 years by then because I was on #3) but I was more concerned about wasting good wine as my alcohol tolerance is fairly low when pregnant. I'm only now getting my tolerance back after almost 7 years having not been pregnant or fed a baby in over 6 months.

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