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dh driving me mental

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HelenHen Sat 15-Mar-14 22:24:15

He had a few jobs to do this weekend, jobs he's been putting off for weeks and have now built up. During the week, we had a plumbing problem. I thought we should... I dunno... Call a plumber maybe? No, dh wants to do it himself. Now he's got none of the jobs done, the house is in a right state, there are new leaks and he keeps turning the water off without warning me.

Now he's feeling all sorry for himself cos he's been at it all day and still some left for tmrw and I think he actually hasn't got as clue what he's doing! I suggested he take it easy tmrw and he said we can't cos we have to go to mils for sils birthday dinner like it was the worst fucking thing in the world!

Then he was saying 'im gonna be working all weekend and then back to work on Monday' whinge whinge whinge... So get a fucking plumber like I suggested.

Grrrr just needed to rant. 36 week's pg And not massively sympathetic. He always does this during the rugby too. We had a deal that I mind ds during England games And he takes him for Ireland ones (I'm Irish). Every week I've lived up to my end of the deal and let him watch his match in peace, then he fucks off to do something he wasn't supposed to do but is a big job so I can't complain. Today was a bloody big match too and I had ds for every second of it. I'm fed up of it sad

LastOneDancing Sun 16-Mar-14 07:13:42

You have my sympathy OP, I also have a DH that faffs.

The fence fell down in the high winds. It's a party fence, so landlord next door needed to be consulted & pay half - he's dripped about so long 'thinking' about it and gathering quotes, that he landlord has now sold the house, is refusing to pay & we need to surprise our brand new neighbours with a newborn and a £250 bill for fencing.

Also, him and my dad were finishing up the tiling around the bottom of the shower. Both of them keep asking me whether the other has mentioned doing it. WHY can't they just call each other and get on with it?

I have made it crystal clear that I'm NOT getting involved with DIY as my current job is growing a baby while doing all my regular washing, cleaning, sorting etc. But I wish I'd just cracked on with it myself and got it all organised.

HelenHen Sun 16-Mar-14 08:00:25

Oh no, I know what ya mean! Our neighbour never gave us money for fence panels either but they only owed us £20. Still... Cheeky bastards!

Next time I'll just call the plumber while he's at work and say nothing! Plumber quoted us £60, well worth freeing up your precious weekend! He got one of the jobs done, one, so now we're gonna have the same problem next weekend!

He hates leaving the house but how can he complain about his own sisters birthday like that? grin almost like I'm forcing him to go... I'm not... I don't care! I'd rather stay at home... Gonna have people commenting on my bump all day... But it's a family birthday, us go and ya bloody enjoy it!


He's not a plumber! Why would I take it upon myself to rewire the house? I'm not an electrician. We only moved into house in May and consider it investment as much as home and constantly discussed how we will maintain it to a high standard and not do things on the cheap!

He's still asleep! I'm gonna take ds and disappear to the park this morning... I can't listen anymore! Just wanna enjoy this last bit of pregnancy and all he does is moan!

cathpip Sun 16-Mar-14 08:02:16

Sympathies here too op, am 37 weeks, the list of to do jobs has been mounting and dh is now in a sling due to a stupid (his fault) ski accident. I have taken it upon myself and done all the jobs, ie paid the plumber to fix that problem, bought a new washing machine as I can't be without one (have two other dc) dh was expecting me to use the neighbours one..... His debit card has had a battering this week and as much as he has moaned in the "I was going to do that" way he has been told "yes you were going to do that, but you didn't so I did"!!!

HelenHen Sun 16-Mar-14 08:22:33

What? Use neighbours washing machine? Our washing machine is ten years and slowly dying but dh keeps buying parts and 'fixing' it. He's now admitted that we

HelenHen Sun 16-Mar-14 08:23:06

Need a new one (BLOODY PHONE)

Inglori0us Sun 16-Mar-14 14:30:15

I mentioned to dh in passing id like the patio and dd's Wendy house hosed down at some point with the pressure washer as they are filthy and you'd think I'd asked him to paint the Forth Bridge. It would take 10 minutes.
Also my inlaws have been here, for lunch, since 10am. GO HOME! I'm now hiding upstairs "resting".

HelenHen Sun 16-Mar-14 15:00:14

Lol inglori0us, fuckwits indeed!

Btw the jobs I needed him to do aren't massive either, one is changing a fucking lightbulb but it's in too awkward a position for me, still a two minute job!

Lunch at 10am? Ah jaysus!

Well he's finished the plumbing... Such a fucking hero grin

LastOneDancing Sun 16-Mar-14 15:00:36

Ha! I hid on the patio from the PILS this morning. I claimed I 'didn't know where everyone had gone' in my 3-bed semi.... grin

HelenHen Sun 16-Mar-14 20:27:32

Lol I hope it's a big patio grin

Dh made me laugh earlier though, he told our neighbours he has 'toilet problems' grin

Kellyjdancer Mon 17-Mar-14 11:24:33

I'm 37 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and there is talk of inducing me early.

Currently our fence is down between the neighbours. The posts can't be reset because the ground is too soggy.... umm, we live in the land of wet and soggy, there must be a way to set the posts. It's been like this for 6 weeks.

We have a hole in the ceiling in the lounge to try to chase a newly formed water spot between the first and ground floors. This has been there since January. We went WEEKS without using the bathroom above to try to chase the leak, meaning we were showering at the gym and in-laws and taking sink baths at home in the kitchen.

Yesterday a new hole was cut in the wall in the landing to continue chasing the leak. This new hole is leading to a hole being cut into the wall of our bedroom tonight.

If this house is destroyed anymore without SOMETHING being put back together, I think I am going to lose my mind. I really do not want these projects lingering while we are trying to adjust to being parents. My husband does not seem to understand this...

HelenHen Mon 17-Mar-14 16:47:22

Oh no Kelly sad

HelenHen Wed 19-Mar-14 21:55:30

Oh God he's at it again! We need dining chairs! I saw some on Facebook for a bargain and asked him if he agreed and when could he collect. He said at the weekend but if he has to do it tonight or tmrw that's fine! I asked the girl could we collect at weekend and she said tomorrow's better so I arranged it. Well now I'm only the fucking devil for doing that cos he has other jobs to do. I said I'd ask his sister cos she's good like that. He said no And he'll do it and went on and on about what a martyr he is. So I texted her and she said no prob! Now he said he's gonna call and cancel her tomorrow cos I've made him look shit to his family. I didn't... I explained to her that I'd arranged it and then said all the other jobs have come up and it would be great if she could help.

I'm probably being induced next week so these things have to get done. He's been really nice and supportive all day and this just came out of nowhere. I really can't cope with his fucking moods right now! sad

alita7 Wed 19-Mar-14 22:30:52

You have lots of sympathy from me. My DP can be very similar :p and I find him all the more irritating now I'm pregnant!

HelenHen Wed 19-Mar-14 22:38:47

Let's bang their heads together alita grin

Seriously its Jekyll and Hyde here! I know he's under pressure at work and comes home to me nagging him but, did I mention I might be induced next week and I'm absolutely fucking terrified? hmm I need to start feeling like things at home are under control... But they're not!

He's had these jobs to do for months, now the deadlines coming and I'm the bitch! Things aren't gonna b ed miraculously easier to deal with when we have a newborn.

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