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Remifentanil in labour

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SellyMevs Sat 15-Mar-14 13:31:13

Does anyone have any experience of using this drug during labour? it has been suggested that I have it as I am not suitable for an epidural. I've been told it's vital I have pain relief to reduce my heart condition from flaring up during labour.

I'm worried about being "out of it" and only having a hazy memory of my first child being born. I'm even more worried about the effects the drug has on my baby. Although, so far it seems a better option than the alternative.. A C section under general anaesthetic. I really don't like the idea of that at all!

BEEwitched Sat 15-Mar-14 16:43:41

My hospital uses Remifentanil and it's what I will choose if I need pain relief - like you I'm not thrilled with the idea of being out of it, but it sounds like a better alternative to me than e.g. Pethidine. We were also told at our ante-natal class that Remifentanil doesn't have an effect on baby, but from what I've read there are actually mixed reports on that. this page says it can pass on and make baby sleepy:

One plus for me is that continuos monitoring isn't required, which is why I like the sound of it over other meds.

carolinemoon Sat 15-Mar-14 17:49:44

I had it during labour with DD1, i was keen to avoid an epidural (hated the idea of injection into spine). It was very effective at making me not feel any pain, but DH had to watch the monitor and prod me to press the button when the contraction was coming as otherwise I'd do it too late (it has a 2 minute time out so you can't use it too often, so timing is crucial).

It made me feel completely out of it, like I'd just downed a load of spirits and they'd all hit me at once. I can't say I enjoyed it (same with gas and air) but it got me through. No, I don't remember much of the 6 hour labour, but given how much it hurt before I had the drugs that's no bad thing.

I had to go drug free for the pushing stage, as I couldn't focus properly with the drugs, so I have very painful memories of the birth itself!

I didn't know whether I wanted it again with DD2, as I didn't enjoy the feeling, but a very short labour meant gas & air was my only option/all I needed.

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