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How soon did you lie/sleep on side after c section?

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Peacenquiet2 Fri 14-Mar-14 20:27:01

I had the baby by c section on tuesday and came home today. While ive been in hospital ive been able sleep on my back safe in the knowledge that i wont have a very big and boisterous 3 and half year old dive on top of my belly at any point. Now im home this is a massive and very likely possibility!
I tried to lie/sleep on my side in hospital but found the pressure and pain too much at this stage, so im wondering how long before ile be able to comfortably do this?

Ludways Fri 14-Mar-14 20:34:41

Pack yourself in pillows and sleep on your side!

WorriedMouse Fri 14-Mar-14 21:01:03

It does take a few days. Probably a week or so. I know exactly what you're talking about as I went on my side as soon as I came home and ended up screaming in pain and unable to move! You will find it easier each day.

Peacenquiet2 Fri 14-Mar-14 21:01:18

Tried the pillows thing ludways but it didnt work!

Ludways Fri 14-Mar-14 21:42:49

Sorry, then time, patience and slow movements are the way forward. Good luck!

Boogles91 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:31:47

I havent had a cs but can relate to this as when i had major surgery on my bladder and had the same problem. I got a spare quilt and just kinda snuggled my other one as it was comfy and squashy enough to support my belly. I also used my arms to sort of roll myself over onto my sides as the staples pulled and my wound was very tender n sore x

Possiblyorange Fri 14-Mar-14 22:33:42

It was ahold fortnight before I felt comfortable doing it. Along with the pain I had a weird fear that I would tear my stitches or something by lying on my side, which made me even more tense and sore when I tried.

Boogles91 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:36:29

My scar is the same as a cs scar btw just below the bikini line and quite long.i had 15 staples init. I also forgot to say i wedged it between my legs aswel smile i also had a catheter that got in the way at night too so it was really awkward but i found this helped me loads. Hope it works for you if u can get a spare duvet xx

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