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Bump impatience

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squizita Fri 14-Mar-14 09:55:26

1st pregnancy, 14 weeks, small frame, good 'core' stomach muscles, maaahhaassooove childbearing pelvis. Not showing, nooo bump yet of course!

I can feel something down there that ain't my guts or my bladder, and all my symptoms seem normal. I can't palpate myself to find my uterus very well but think this is my clutzy hands as DH found it when clueless ("What's that like a balloon with soft putty in? Is it your womb?") and MW also found it last doc visit.

But I've a history of MC and now symptoms are fading a bit (as is normal at 14 weeks) I'm really impatience for some 'proof' that bean hasn't just shrunk away to nothing.

With your 1st when did you start to show and if you needed to keep sane... how did you cope with the limbo?

Boogles91 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:01:21

I didnt start to show u til 18wks,bumps not much bigger now but i have had to give into maternity trousers smile as it comes out more when im sitting down. Lil man is lying more at the back than front though, but im guessing when i get to about 7 months he is going to just shoot out lol not that im bothered :p x

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