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ouch whats happening

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samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 09:22:30

I'm 32 weeks preg and I got a heavy pushy pressure in my bump major back ache I can barely move with out feeling its gonna snap and a shooting pain in my you know what's what should I do nothing is helping I've tryed a bath and pain killers and dp has tryed rubbing my back but all to no effect is this all normal or should I do something

AShadowStirsWithin Fri 14-Mar-14 09:34:22

When you look down at your bump does it look lower? As in less "comes out from under your boobs". Can you now see your belly button when you couldn't before?

If so it may well be the baby engaging. Mine did v early and I had similar pains to what you are describing. It was intense pressure of a head suddenly descending. It set off painful Braxton hicks and back pain. Shooting pains down there are also normal when the head descends as the nerve endings area all down there.

If baby has engaged you may have weeks of warm up contractions. I did with both of mine, painful cramping contractions that were different to BH. Both my labours were fairly quick as all these practice contractions had gone some way to beginning to prepare the cervix.

I would suggest that you ring your mw if you are really concerned, she may be able to fit you in for an appointment and check you over if you are worried.

IME books lie about pregnancy from 30 weeks. They talk about painless tightenings for BH and feeling a bit tired. I had painful contractions which would leave me doubled over and a lot of pressure and shooting pains down there which often made sitting uncomfortable. It's all signs your body is getting ready for that labour though and that things are moving in the right direction. Take it easy and rest.

AShadowStirsWithin Fri 14-Mar-14 09:40:56

Just re read the OP and had missed your description of the pain. Is it crampy? Is it constant or coming in tightenings/contractions.

If you think there's any chance that it might be early labour, start timing the contractions to see if they progress - start to last longer and get closer together. The general rule is that false contractions may go "10 mins apart, 10, 8, 4, 6, 8, 8, 6 - so it feels like it is getting closer together but then will jump about a bit. If it does that I'd rest and only become concerned if 4 hours later it's still going strong.

Real contractions will take much longer to become closer together and will start further apart eg 20 mins apart (for 3 hours), 18 mins apart (for 2 hours) etc. it's much more gradual.

Having said that, some people do have very fast first labours which escalate rapidly. So if you feel concerned then ring your mw. Better safe than sorry.

samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 11:01:35

It's not tightness as such but it is intense and strong and not regular

AShadowStirsWithin Fri 14-Mar-14 11:02:33

How long has it been going for? Does sound a bit suspect. I'd ring the mw.

samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 11:12:23

Since last night a round tea time

samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 11:22:43

Looking at your older post my bump has changed but not dropped it seems to have shrunk inwards

samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 12:01:11

Looking at your older post my bump has changed but not dropped it seems to have shrunk inwards

AShadowStirsWithin Fri 14-Mar-14 14:05:58

That's what it may look like looking down, it's because there's less baby in your bump bit as all the head is now down below! Did you ring your mw? How's the pain now? I think baby has prob dropped and triggered off a load of contractions.

samandkat Fri 14-Mar-14 21:57:05

I did ring mw and she call me in to midwifery unit where I was assessed and they said everythings fine but I do run a risk of pre term labour and so sent me home with codine and paracetamol even though I had told them these don't work

HandragsNGladbags Fri 14-Mar-14 22:00:00

Sounds back to back to me. What I found helped was getting on all fours with bum in the air, or resting on a birthing ball.

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