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Induction early 40+3 in pain need advice.

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steppyhen Fri 14-Mar-14 07:43:42

can any one help. currently 40 +3 have been complaining of hip pain for week but it has now radiated round to my lower left side of bum. I am in agony cant sleep, struggle to walk , get dressed, climb stairs and just doing general day to day things. Really didnt want to be induced but have been booked in for next friday i cant hold on until then with this pain Already had 3 sweeps and due to see midwife today. Can i ask to be induced early? I know the ins and outs of induction but im in so much pain.
Midwife has wrote on my notes cervix mid anterior open and soft 1/2 cm
1-2 cm dialated, if this means anything and she also has said my cervix is favourable.
many thanks

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