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Boogles91 Thu 13-Mar-14 21:30:23

Just wanted to know if any first time mums out there had this and how they got on with there pregnancys. I have always suffered with my kidneys right from the age of 2 and i am 23 in july(lil mans due 6 days after :D) from permanant ecoli due to kidney reflux, septicemia n various kidney and water infections. I had and op to correct the reflux before my 18th and it was successful thank god as it gave me my life back. I was slowly drifting away the amount of pain i was in. Due to scarring on my kidneys, i am being looked after at the maternity unit by the best team possible smile as i am at high risk of preeclampsia and uti's. Today i had an ultrasound on my kidneys/bladder(had tons of these done....get sick of it!) and the guy said theres a blockage in my right kidney and he was going to fill in the reports blah blah blah. I have found out this hydro thingy is comman in pregnancy and occurs after 20wks and is mainly found in the right kidneys rarther than left. I am just wondering as i said at the beginning how any of you guys if youve had similar problems to me and had this got on? Im not scared or anything so dont feel like you might scare me with any info lol ive grown not to worry anymore about myself. And how it might affect lil bugger or if it does or anything that might help me. My kidney did look rarther enlarged as i saw it on the screen, where as it normally looks like a fist rarther than a bean shape cus of the scarring on it lol x

Weegiemum Thu 13-Mar-14 21:40:09

Hydronephrosis is increased pressure in the kidneys caused by urine backing up, typically by kidney stones.

I had repeated stones and kidney trouble in 3 pregnancies - one was only found after, second time I had stones but no lasting damage, third time I was induced at 36+6 to prevent damage.

My stone-based blockage was treated by ureter JJ stent insertion under spinal at 32 weeks. I'd 2 further stents after birth, but I really didn't tolerate them well, my ureter kept trying to expel it and I got a hospital infection in one stent.

I was on antibiotics for 2 years and I have prescribed antibiotics for after sex even now 10 years on.

But the good news is dd2 is great, I survived unscathed in the end and my kidney function is just a tiny amount below normal now.

Hoping you're getting the best treatment. There are Obstetric Urologists but they're few and far between.

Boogles91 Fri 14-Mar-14 21:37:17

Thankyou for your reply smile i am being looked after very much and my urologist who is seperate from my team on the maternity is brilliant smile hes told me he wants to see baby when hes born and to just book an appointment for that lol but ive told him i wouldnt want to take up a patients spot :p its not stones he said just a blockage, i. Guessing it is baby puttin pressure on my pipe lol hate the pain -.- its like when i had my kidney infections gawd the pain in my side! And back! Worst pain ive ever felt lol i just think to myself sometimes cant my kidneys just work for once without causing me problems! -.- i too have to take a profo after sex and at night as my bladders very prone to infections. I just dont want anything to happen to lil man in there. I only have 42% in my right and 58% in my left kidney anyway due to them taking a battering all my life lol but there ok aparently. I guess its just gonna be even more hospital trips over the next few months x

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