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Want to start trying for DC2 but scared of being sick again

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roseinwinter Thu 13-Mar-14 19:10:17

Hi - DH and I have decided we would like to start trying for a second baby (our DD is 13 months). I would absolutely love another baby and we've always wanted two. The only thing is I had quite bad morning sickness for about two months with my first. It was bearable then as I would just come home from work early and go to bed/lie on the sofa.
I'm really scared about how I will manage having to look after a toddler, work a demanding job and cope with all the early pregnancy symptoms.
The rest of my pregnancy- after week 14 - was amazing but that first trimester really dragged.
DH is supportive and helpful when he can be but his job is even more demanding than mine and he often works late and on weekends. Added to that we both live in London and work in the city so our families can't help out.
I don't mean to moan but how on earth do people do it??!!!!

juniorcakeoff Thu 13-Mar-14 19:14:16

Get signed off work. Still send toddler to nursery/childminder. Having said that I had hyperemisis so that's probably how I got signed off so quickly - they couldn't really argue once I'd been discharged from hosp. Still I don't see why you couldn't get signed off with pregnancy related illness.

MrsSpencerReid Thu 13-Mar-14 19:29:38

You just do!! Not helpful, sorry! I got preg when ds had just turned 1, had recurrent uti's throughout, morning sickness for about 4m then started with palpitations/ passing our, got admitted to hosp then DS2 born at 35w in jan. Luckily mil could step in with both hosp admissions and ds1 still does 3 days at nursery. Am planning dc3 so it can't have been that bad grin

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