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Right, so I just weighed myself for the first time since 20 weeks...

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Loopylouu Thu 13-Mar-14 18:17:23

...and at 37 weeks, I am now two stone heavier than I was then. Which is a grand total of FOUR and a half stone since I fell pregnant. I've gone from 11.5 to 16.2 in total.

I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

I have a huge problem with binge/comfort eating and I promised myself I wouldn't carry it on in pregnancy. But I've been under so much pressure. Problems with dh, with ds father, with family, worrying about mode of delivery - it's all taken it's toll and I have turned to food everyday.

Background is, I was always obese until my first pregnancy in my early 20s. HG lefts lighter at the end of pregnancy than a the start and by the time ds was 18 months, I was my goal wieght of 9 and a half stone and a size 8, which I managed to stay around for ten years. I was really careful and ten stone was my cut off and of I neared it, I would be very careful for a few weeks until it was off again.

I've had a horrendous three years with divorce and miscarriages so I once again turned to comfort eating which left me at 11 and a half stone during that time.

I weighed myself today (37 weeks) and I am 16 stone. I am so ashamed that I have let my self get like this. This is despite having sickness again!

I don't know what the point of my post is, but I am just so upset with myself and now I am worrying about c section complications (have one planned for week after next) because of my weight.

Kellyjdancer Thu 13-Mar-14 18:43:47

Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure most of us wish we had done something in pregnancy different. The important thing is having a healthy baby. You can get back on track after that. Hugs!

GingerRodgers Thu 13-Mar-14 19:30:27

You lost the weight before, you can do it again.
I know it's a truly awful feeling but get through the rest of this pregnancy and then deal with it. Be kind to yourself.
It's only weight.
You can change it.
Keep posting for support and good luck with the new baby thanks

SweetPea86 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:42:03

I know it's easier said than done as I do the same but try not to be so hard on your self.

I'm excited once baby is born I plan to lose weight not straight away but after I've go ok from GP.

I plan to do lots of walking with baby, mum and baby outside in fresh air together the weathers picking up. Sod the gym walking is the best.

I've battled with my weight for years and I'm now at my biggest but I know some of the weight is baby and pregnancy on the whole. I'm only 5 ft 2 I look like a little pudding

Loopylouu Thu 13-Mar-14 20:40:57

Thank you.

I'm just so angry at myself that I've done this. I swore I would be healthier in this pregnancy.

SweetPea86 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:36:16

I know how you feel I was determined to eat healthy. Suffered with sickness the whole way through and hardly ate for 16 weeks. Once it calmed down I ate like a little piggy. Some days due to heartburn I hardly eat much other days I could eat every thing in sight. Even when I know I'm going to suffer with crippling heartburn still shove it down my fat face lol

I'm a comfort eater I eat happy sad the list goes on smile

Mrswellyboot Thu 13-Mar-14 22:38:23

Try not to worry, I put on a huge amount of weight. After four weeks it was well down. Six months on its gone. I was determined, please don't worry about it now

Wishing you a safe delivery and all the best

bugoven Thu 13-Mar-14 22:53:39

Don't worry and please be kind to yourself. It's not too late to make healthier choices from today and start feeling better X

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