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Late pregnancy and foot problems!

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Misty9 Thu 13-Mar-14 16:07:20

I had a mini spa day with a friend last weekend which included a pedicure. Now my big toe is swollen, red and hot since the last two days...but I can't get a good look because bump is in the way!

Is this the sort of thing a gp would see? Seems a bit trivial, but I'm struggling to walk on it (and with SPD, anything which knocks me out of alignment is bad news...)

toddlewaddleflipflop Thu 13-Mar-14 19:02:25

I had a swollen painful big toe (and still have) so went to the GP after a few weeks. she took me seriously and said I was right to come in, checked for infection and couldn't find any sign but told me to go back if it got red or hot. So I would definitely go to the GP with your symptoms. Infections of anywhere are something to be cautious about in pregnancy. Hope that helps!

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