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Absolutely petrified of my baby being dead Mmc :(

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Cerriewilkins Thu 13-Mar-14 15:08:22

I'm 19 & pregnant with my first baby.

I'm reading so much about miscarriage it's worrying me! I had an early scan in the epau in my local hospital when I was 9wks 2days, baby was all well and had a heartbeat both me & my boyfriend saw it.

But now I'm 11wks 5 days & I've lost all my pregnancy symptoms so I'm panicking I'm such a bad worrier and all I keep thinking is my baby's got no heartbeat now sad so scary!

My 12 week scan isn't until 27th march, 2 weeks today (13/03) so I'm just worrying myself up to the scan I'm really scared to go as well incase they tell me I'm right in what I'm thinking!

Can anyone reassure me in any way please?? :/

Cariad007 Thu 13-Mar-14 15:12:31

It's quite common to lose morning sickness signs as you get into the second trimester. I wouldn't worry smile

bugoven Thu 13-Mar-14 15:14:41

Symptoms will come and go. I was so anxious I paid for private scans at 6 amd 8 weeks. A couple of times my symptoms eased before my 12 week scan and I was terrified but all was well. At 14 1/2 weeks I have heard baby's heart beat with my midwife.

If all was well at past 9 weeks yoir chances of miscarriage are very very small. Less than 2% I think.

Try to think positive. I worry constantly so know how you feel. Good luck and I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy Xx

Cigarettesandsmirnoff Thu 13-Mar-14 15:17:39

Omg I used to feel like that too. I remember walking to work think 'I don't feel pregnant any more !'

Bloody symptoms soon came crashing back!!

It's sooooooooooo normal to feel worried and anxious. I had IVF and convinced myself I as not going to see this baby, even right up to the c section I had a panic attack and they had to give me general anaesthetic !!

Relax, breath you will be fine.

Fifyfomum Thu 13-Mar-14 15:19:05

It is quite rare to lose a baby once you have seen the heartbeat so early on. You have great chances, please try not to worry and remember that worrying is a massive part of being a mum so it is totally normal smile

Congratulations on your pregnancy xx

EdnaGold Thu 13-Mar-14 17:29:29

I'm at 6 weeks and have lost all symptoms. Equally getting a bit worried. I just tried a test again and still positive, but I guess it could be positive and I have miscarried :\

Gingerandcocoa Thu 13-Mar-14 18:45:55

Stop reading. Quit Mumsnet. Honestly, no one will be able to reassure you enough. I stopped reading Mumsnet or any other internet forums about pregnancy when I was about 7/8 weeks along and only now (at 27 weeks) I've had the courage to return.

Honestly, stop reading internet forums!

Keenoonvino Thu 13-Mar-14 18:53:44

I lost pregnancy symptoms around 8 weeks and totally panicked as in my last pregnancy I saw heartbeat at 8weeks and at 10weeks there was no heartbeat and baby had died.

But...this time all seems well at 9 weeks with a loss of symptoms. Honestly at post 11 weeks I wouldn't worry at all about loss of symptoms, you're supposed to be feeling better by then!

alita7 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:17:23

It happened to me last pregnancy and I'm also scared it will happen again. Mine measured 9+ 3 I think but more commonly they measure under 8 weeks so seeing a healthy scan at 9 + 5 weeks is promising smile
I can't tell you it won't happen BUT it's not as common as it sounds and symptoms commonly drop around 11 weeks anyway.

alita7 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:22:09

Edna gold are you using the cheap ones that get darker the more hcg you've got? If you are if it's still dark you're probably ok at 6 weeks mine is now darker than the control line and appears instantly, doesn't mean yours will be like that though. If you have those take one now and another at the same time after a similar fluid intake and compare, If it's a similar darkness or darker then all should be good smile

bakingtins Thu 13-Mar-14 19:23:06

If you have a positive scan at or after 8 weeks miscarriage risk drops to 3%. It's normal to worry, but try not to let it spoil things.

alita7 Thu 13-Mar-14 19:23:09

* same time tomorrow

Btw that's not fool proof it could be Inaccurate l.

EdnaGold Thu 13-Mar-14 20:26:53

Yeah using those cheap sticks. Obviously used proper Clearblue one to initially discover I was pregnant, just used these cheap ones as I happened to have them and I did want to check.

I did check again earlier and the line does get darker and appear instantly each time. It just feels odd that the tiredness and feeling of being sick has gone completely. I actually want it to return to know all is well!

Ginger- you are right. The stories on the internet can drive you nuts and I dont come here often. To be honest it was only today I noticed how much energy I had and how OK i felt and started to get concerned...

pebble82 Thu 13-Mar-14 23:42:39

I feel the same. I'll be 10wks tomorrow and got my scan on 27th too. Had no other scans and in a group on here there has been quite a bit of bad news recently so obviously thinking the worst. Wish I wasn't such a worrier. I don't have the money for a private scan though. Keep thinking if I could just hear a heartbeat I'd feel better.

Guess it's just one big waiting game.

HopefulHamster Fri 14-Mar-14 13:05:54

My scan is on 27th too and also petrified! I have had no symptoms since the beginning so have no idea what is going on.

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