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Can you answer what my midwife won't.

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RedandChecker Thu 13-Mar-14 13:34:18

I've posted here a lot recently after finding I am pregnant after a few MCs.

I think i definately have a bit of anxiety due to my MCs.
Ive been having cramps on and off for about 3 days as well as a strange abdominal sensation when urinating. Part of me wants a reassurance scan to put my mind at ease for now although I will only worry until 12 weeks anyway, I just want to make sure all is ok at this moment.

However, ever since the birth of my son everytime i have had a scan (approx ten) it has always had to be internal, the sonographer mentions this is because my uterus seems tilted. Can a tilted uterus cause fertility issues?

Also, my last MC - baby looked ok 8.5 weeks went back 9.5 weeks to find baby had died at 8.5 weeks, the day of my scan. Is there anyway the internal scan could have caused problems and for me to miscarry.

weighing up my pros and cons of an early scan and worrying myself silly.

ElleDubloo Thu 13-Mar-14 13:40:50

Cramps and strange abdominal sensation when urinating --> could you possibly have a UTI?

Whether or not to have an early scan is up to you, but it's not going to change the outcome. It might not even help with your anxiety, because you had an MC so soon after your last scan.

I think it's better to try to stop thinking about it, and wait for the 12 week scan. There's nothing you can do to prevent an MC if it's destined to happen.

MerryMarigold Thu 13-Mar-14 13:47:02

Is the 12 week scan internal as well? I doubt it could cause a miscarriage, or they wouldn't do them. Even if there was a 1:500 risk, they would need to tell you that.

I would keep waiting and keep busy, . I know it is hard and horrible. Good luck.

BumpKitty Thu 13-Mar-14 13:50:44

I'm sorry about your miscarriages. The thing is you will probably never know what caused them so the most important thing is how a scan would make you feel. If you had a scan then mc again would you always be wondering (again) if the scan caused it? If you would then its not worth it.
I know how hard it is to wait but it may be your best option x

arghhelpme Thu 13-Mar-14 13:55:10

I had to have a scan about two years ago for on going bleeding, nothing to do with pregnancy.

The sonographer started doing a normal scan but then done an internal due to me having a tilted uterus.

Is it only the early scans that you have had internals for? If so it is probably easier if it is tilted, as you get further along i would imagine it is easier to see things on a normal scan due to baby being bigger and being higher up.

midwifeandmum Thu 13-Mar-14 14:00:20

Hi im so sorry about your previous mcs but congrat on your pregnancy.

Having a tilted pelvis(retroverted uterus) shouldnt cause any problems whilst pregnant. Most women do have a slight tilt to their uterus due to the angle the female pelvis sits at.

Have you ever experienced unexplained backpain in the past or pain when having sex? These can be signs of a retroverted but a internal pelvic examination would diagnose this.

In response to weird feeling when urinating, have you been tested for a urine infection?

An internal scan wont cause a mc, its common to use on non-pregnant or early pregnant women due baby being so small

Hope this helps and best of luck xx

squizita Thu 13-Mar-14 14:05:56

I've had numerous internal scans in early pregnancy... at my (teaching/leading) miscarriage clinic. If it was dangerous or increased risk, they'd NEVER do one, and they did 4 on me. smile

Sadly early scans are often requested because of problems - so they run hand-in-hand with miscarriage but do not cause it.

it depends on whether you'd find a scan reassuring or more worry. I felt most relief at the scan after when I had my last loss- before that I was like 'well it could still go wrong'.

I think a tilted uterus can make it harder to see things on a screen, but I don't think it causes infertility.

Good luck!

RedandChecker Thu 13-Mar-14 14:09:54

Thanks all.
It's so horrible these 4 weeks are going to drive me even more insane.

I have experienced a lot of unexplained back pain and pain during sex (to the point of having to stop) - I had my coil removed, was treated for PID after ERPC and then referred to a gynaecologist for endometriosis, the endometriosis could never be confirmed as on a routine scan there was a heartbeat!(2013)
However I do not think I suffer from endometriosis and maybe these symptoms are due to a retroverted uterus.

I will try and get an appointment tomorrow for a UTI. Is that only treated with antibiotics? (never had a UTI)

I should probably just try and relax as much as I can, I think my biggest fear is from my very first MC I was due my 12 week scan and bled, I had to wait the weekend for a scan and then found no heartbeat from 8 weeks - I'm just scared of not knowing whether there is a heartbeat inside of me or not and wanting to know sooner or later. It's all so fekin emotional confused

Armadale Thu 13-Mar-14 14:18:26

Hello, I'm sorry about your losses.

I am PG for the 6th time after 5 losses so I understand the anxiety.

I had a reasurance scan at 8.5 last year and the baby was fine, good heartbeat, right size for dates etc. I went home and later that night started bleeding heavily and MC during the night. I know that they say internal scans are perfectly safe but I did worry they were wrong to say it was safe and it did cause a problem because of the timing of the two things.....

However, the baby was analysed and it had three sets of every chromosome, which is completely incompatible with life, and generally babies with this miscarry between 8-9 weeks. There was no way the baby would have lived any longer.

So the timing of the MC really did have nothing to do with the internal scan, it was just one of those things. I hope this helps you put to rest any worries that allowing the scan could have caused a problem.

Abdominal sensation could be the pregnancy sack position pressing on other things, or could be a UTI. It is easy to check this out with a urine dip test- you can get the GP practice or midwife to give you one, or you could buy some online here for example. Best to get it checked to put your mind at rest.

At my hospital it is standard procedure to offer a reassurance scan at 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks to make sure things are OK to women who have suffered recurrent miscarriage- it is seen as perfectly reasonable to experience high levels of anxiety in a new pregnancy with a recurrent history and they do what they can to reassure you. I would ask for a scan as it does, (for me) lessen the worry for a few days afterwards.

I am a bit worried by your title. Why won't your midwife answer these questions? You should be getting a lot of support and help and I'm not sure you are?

2beornot Thu 13-Mar-14 14:22:12

I had a similar dilemma around whether to have an early scan or not. In the end I suffered the longest 12 weeks ever! I just knew that (for me) the worst case scenario of all was a positive early scan followed by mc.

You can only do what's right for you, but a someone else said what will be will be anyway.

Best of luck x

midwifeandmum Thu 13-Mar-14 14:47:14

I know it must be a terrible emotional time for you. The fear of the unknown is making it worse.

Yes if you have a UTI, they will treat it with antibiotics. It sounds quite possibly like a retroverted uterus.

If you experience any pain or bleeding contact your epas straight away. If you have any other questions or want abit of advice, send me a private email. I have 10 years experience of being a midwife. xx

BluegrassLass Thu 13-Mar-14 15:58:47

Thanks for asking this question OP. I have PCOS, so have had a few internal scans, and was told I had a retroverted uterus. I had no idea this could make the foetus difficult to see on an ultrasound at earlier stages. I was thinking of doing an early scan, but wondering if it would just do more harm than good right now, if they end up not being able to see much, or hear a heartbeat. Guess I will just wait til the 12 week scan I have scheduled in early April. Although waiting another 3 1/2 weeks is going to drive me mad!

summerdreams Thu 13-Mar-14 16:13:13

hi i know how hard this time is, ive been through the same thing after having and internal scan at 8 weeks which was perfect after a week i was worried about it being a mmc again but yesterday i finally had my 12 week scan and the baby was moving around like mad so i think im finally feeling better but the reassurance of the 8 week scan only lasted a couple of days. so if your worried i dont think an internal scans worth it. hope all goes well and congrats thanks

RedandChecker Thu 13-Mar-14 17:22:37

Thanks armadale and I'm sorry to hear that also. I guess you are right it probably was just a massive coincidence.
My booking in appointment isn't until I'm frikking ten weeks! So I've only spoken to the midwife over the phone after I had quite a bad fall and was freaking out, she just said there is nothing to say that tilted uterus causes any problems and that my scan/mc was probably coincidence, I guess my title comes across a bit harsh!! I just felt I wasn't getting anything in concrete about the scans or uterus but need to realise I won't know anything for sure and neither will anyone else.

I haven't been offered any extra/early scans they said they will only offer if I bleed\abdominal pain our midwife unit is one of the busiest in UK. I was going to pay for the early one. When I had my last pregnancy 2013 at booking in they said despite my previous MCs I am not offered any extra appointments, etc.

I guess that's because they are so busy, I will mention my anxiety though and see if they can give me a bit extra support after booking appointment.

Thank you midwifeandmum
That is very kind if you
Congrats on your pregnancies ladies !

midwifeandmum Thu 13-Mar-14 20:22:02

Your very welcome. PM me anytime. I know your very scared. I hope your mind is put to a bit of ease after your scan xx

Armadale Thu 13-Mar-14 20:31:38

Hi Red, it would be good for you to have extra support if possible.

My experience is that not all hospitals really 'get' what it is like to be PG after a number of MC's and some are much better than others at giving that extra support.

I'm at St Thomas' in London, they are hugely busy all the time, but really are so much better than the less busy but heartless hospital I was at before. Can you hint vaguely at where you are in the country & maybe someone has had really good experiences nearby can rec somewhere?

They also suggested I have weekly counselling to keep the anxiety at a reasonable level (its never going to go with this baby!) and referred me somewhere for free that specialises in counselling for pregnancy loss, and that has really helped me. I can just go and blurt out all my wildest fears and get them out in the open and out of my head! Possibly your MW might know of somewhere local to you that could see you x

MummytoMog Thu 13-Mar-14 21:14:03

You can have a transabdominal scan with a retro erred uterus - I had one at seven weeks in this pregnancy, and it was tricky to find the baby but perfectly doable. I've got a very retroverted uterus and have had two healthy pregnancies and I'm twelve weeks into a third with no problems yet (touch wood).

RedandChecker Thu 13-Mar-14 22:09:40

Armadale - that sounds brilliant, I think counselling once a week would be really helpful. I'm in Bristol. I definately need someone to blurt out too!

Mummytomog - I shall google transabdominal scan !

JustDanni Fri 14-Mar-14 04:32:29

An internal scan would not cause you to miscarry and unfortunately tilted womb, depending on the severity can cause fertility issues and some women, suh as yourself may stuggle to carry to term.

RedandChecker Fri 14-Mar-14 09:13:13

Do you have a source from that evidence justdanni

squizita Fri 14-Mar-14 09:27:06

Red There is a book by Lesley Regan (scarily called 'Miscarriage' as that's it's main topic) with a reassuring chapter about uterus shape. It is only a small number of women with very misshapen uteri (sp?) that need surgery or have problems (and after ops most of them can carry): as medical science has progressed, they have discovered most women with tilted wombs are OK.

RedandChecker Fri 14-Mar-14 10:55:34

Thanks for that squizita - I've read that it causes no trouble for first trimester and should become 'un-tilted' by second trimester in many cases, if it doesn't it could cause problems in second trimester but that is rare - just focusing on this trimester for now.

Off to the doctors now

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