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Holiday (capsule?) wardrobe when pregnant

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Bumblebzz Thu 13-Mar-14 11:39:47

Hi All

I'm going on a sun holiday in a few weeks when I will be 30/31 weeks pregnant.
So far I in this pregnancy I have not bought too much in terms of maternity wear, just enough to get me through work.
Any tips on what and where to buy some essentials for a 10 day sun holiday? Any advice on what to pack?
I'm thinking a few basic bottom items - just picked up cropped white jeans for only £15 online from jojo's outlet which I hope will fit. So maybe a skirt, a dress and a sarong. Then some vest tops etc. I might be able to squeeze into a particularly voluminous sundress I own (not maternity). And I am hoping my bikinis will fit me.
I don't want to look totally scruffy though, so I'd appreciate any advice on essentials to pack and more importantly, where I can buy them. Lots of shops (online) still seem quite wintry.
Thanks in advance!

SandwichBag Thu 13-Mar-14 13:45:30

I'm going at the end of March and although will only be 18 weeks then, I have brought a few things with comfort in mind: 2 pairs of harem pants (1 patterned, 1 plain black) which are soo comfy for the plane and then can dress up with sparkly sandals and vest top for the eve, a pair of asos boyfriend maternity jeans - rolled up a bit with heels they look cool (again combined with vest top), a denim skirt from New Look Maternity. Next have some great summer stuff thats just come out online (not maternity tho) - ive ordered a slouchy vest type dress and a couple of beach dresses which are loose fitting and they have some lovely camis and vest tops.

Apart from that im just going to take a couple of stretchy body con type dresses - there are some lovvely ones about at the mo and hopefuly i'll be like my friends and they'll just stretch with me smile

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