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feellikeadairycow Thu 13-Mar-14 11:15:06

I'm 37/38 weeks pregnant and HATE my wisdom teeth
Ive had them since i was 17 and get infections once or twice a year

Day before yesterday for some reason i was rather over vigorous brushing my teeth and have managed to scratch the skin flap over the lower right tooth from hell which has decided to get infected
When i open my jaw i can feel the tightness/lack of movement that has always heralded an infection
But i don't think it is infected yet or if it is i doubt it would show up
I would usually just deal with it myself with salt water etc

Is it worth calling midwife to let her know?
and do i call the doctor's or dentist? or just do my usual?


Boogles91 Thu 13-Mar-14 23:24:21

Id just call your doc as she/he will let your midwife know smile x

Whiteshoes Thu 13-Mar-14 23:36:49

I had a skin flap right at the back of my mouth removed after a few infections. It was done without any instrument touching the skin I believe, with electric current or some such. Anyway, it was quick, painless and stopped that wisdomtooth area problem for good. Totally recommend.

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