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When to go to doctors?

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Snook99 Thu 13-Mar-14 09:49:52

This is my second pregnancy In 3 months and I don't want to curse it by going to the doctors sad when should I tell me doctor? I think I'm coming up 6 weeks tomorrow thank you xx

pinkroses5 Thu 13-Mar-14 09:59:13

If it helps, I called my GP surgery at 5 weeks, they booked my "booking in" appointment for 10 weeks and had my scan at 12 weeks. Hope all goes well for you. smile X

Snook99 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:09:46

What's a booking in appointment? �� last time I made an appointment but needed to be referred to have a early scan due to bleeding, but they said it was just to tell me what I can and can't eat Ect x

squizita Thu 13-Mar-14 10:11:11

I am a recurrent MCer and that is why I told my doc the day I got my BFP (I need medication- no choice!). But it was sooo hard you feel like you're jinxing it.

Don't worry, there's no such thing as jixes and if your doc is kind they may arrange you a reassurance blood test or scan? smile

pinkroses5 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:22:24

Booking in appointment is the first appointment with your midwife... She will then usually book your dating scan at 12 weeks... BUT tbf it could be different in your area. Best thing is to call your GP surgery and tell them you are 6 weeks pregnant and they will advise you what the next step is. Mention your history of bleeding etc as they may want to see you sooner. X

Snook99 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:24:12

Ok thank you it's all so scary now last time I was excited and this time I'm like an old lady and think every little detail, hopefully it gets easier and you worry less x

Nocomet Thu 13-Mar-14 10:41:32

A month before the baby was due only because the MEs nagged they really had to tick the box.

Utterly pointless, lovely MWs home birth all sorted, but it completed the paper trail.

Snook99 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:44:32

Gosh your brave! Hahaa I would be far too scared to have a home birth I'm a pansy at the best of times! X

deelite72 Thu 13-Mar-14 10:52:55

Like you, I left it late with my second child, out of fear that I'd miscarry. I finally went in to the GP at 8 weeks and couldn't get into the 2 hospitals of my choice. Also, keep in mind that the GP can sit on that referral for a few days (with so many others to deal with).
This time around, I found out late that I was pregnant. I wasn't thinking about getting pregnant and my 'late period' didn't bother me... but then it just wasn't coming so I took my test and got a wonderful BFP. I am 41, so I thought I was 'done'. You never know!
I self-referred to Queen Charlotte's at 8 weeks and this worked much much better for me. You can do this online. My GP gave me a bit of grief because she wanted to make the referral with an up to date blood pressure check, but for me it was much easier to self-refer. I got in very quickly to be seen at the antenatal clinic and it's been a brilliant experience so far. I have complications, so for me, I really wanted to be looked after by the GPs at the antenatal clinic. They've seen it all and I needed to have that this time. I prefer to deal with a hospital's antenatal clinic and on site GPs than my own family GP in pregnancy anyway. But if you're very close with your GP and if you prefer seeing the midwives at your surgery, then by all means get to your GP now and get referred so that you can choose your hospital carefully (depending on where you live of course). Congratulations! Once you get past that 12 week scan, you'll breathe a bit more easily, I am sure.

Snook99 Thu 13-Mar-14 11:05:34

I'm in next weds my doctors are pretty good to be honest and I don't think we have choices for hospitals we just have the john Radcliffe which is huge and no other local ones thankfully, I hope your right I guess I just need to see it rather than just feel it! I'm glad it all worked out for you! And for the better really! X

pinkroses5 Thu 13-Mar-14 11:14:34

Snook - it's very natural to worry, I did constantly until the scan... When I saw the baby I was so relieved!! What my GP said was you will get twinges and feel rotten, it's only if you get really bad period like pain or bleeding you need to speak to your doctor. But some women like my cousin bled in both her pregnancies and babies were ok. I found these threads really helpful when I was stressing. Made me feel much better grin x

mrsnec Thu 13-Mar-14 11:25:36

Hi Im in the same boat as you exactly op but I don't live in the UK and had a terrible experience at my local hospital last time. At my last apt before my mc they only saw an empty sac and couldn't explain to me what it meant. They just sent me elsewhere to get blood tests to check hcg levels and told me I probably just got my dates wrong I'm terrified of seeing another empty screen and at 11+1 now I've still not been yet!

EdnaGold Thu 13-Mar-14 17:24:00

I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy at 32. I saw my GP this week and waiting for the midwife appointment?

I am scared of miscarrying because I know how common it is at this stage. The bit that scares me most though are my lack of symptoms? I actually took another pregnancy test today to check it was still there! Because other than occasional cramping I literally wouldn't know I'm pregnant. Is that normal this early on? Is the worst yet to come?

pinkroses5 Thu 13-Mar-14 17:28:11

Edna - I think I felt reasonably ok at 6 weeks but not long after that all the symptoms kicked in. Peaked at 7-12 weeks and now 13+5 and feeling better. That said, every woman is different so try not to worry. I know it's easier said than done xx

EdnaGold Thu 13-Mar-14 17:31:31

Thank you smile

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