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Just lost mucus plug - any chance of labour starting today?!

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louloubellamozzarella Thu 13-Mar-14 00:07:14

I'm booked in for an induction tomorrow. Just realised that I've lost my mucous plug, finally!

Was a little bloody (but old brown blood). No cramps or tightenings yet. Haven't had any Braxton hicks yet either although I'm 3/5 engaged and cervix is soft apparently. Baby seems quite active all of a sudden.

What are the chances I'll go into labour soon. - i.e. today now that it's past midnight?! Really would like to avoid induction if possible.

ThingsThatGoBumpInTheNight Thu 13-Mar-14 00:11:37

Hopefully soon smile
Good luck thanks

louloubellamozzarella Thu 13-Mar-14 00:20:19

Thanks, fingers crossed. Should probably try to get some sleep now and get on that birthing ball in the morning.

BiscuitMillionaire Thu 13-Mar-14 00:24:22

I hope it all gets going soon for you. Just to point out, you don't have to have the induction tomorrow, if you feel that labour is imminent. It's your body. As long as the baby is fine, you could wait another 24 or 48 hours.
Good luck!

Lj8893 Thu 13-Mar-14 00:25:22

I lost some mucus plug a couple of weeks before labour.

I then had a bloody show 7 hours before dd was born.

Good luck thanks

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