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Disappearing symptoms

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Jennipants22 Wed 12-Mar-14 12:38:13

Hi, I'm new to this and feeling really anxious. My husband and I found out on Saturday that we are expecting our first baby, the doctor and midwife are having trouble working out how far along I am as I had a Nexplanon implant removed on 07/01/14 and haven't had a period since it came out. Today my symptoms are a million times better than they were. Suddenly my boobs aren't as sore and I don't feel sick. No bleeding or pain but a lot of panic! Can symptoms come and go? I feel like a bit of a numpty going back to the doctor if it's nothing to worry about but working in an all male environment and having tearful breakdowns is a bit of an issue today!

sisterofcaleb Wed 12-Mar-14 12:42:54

Bless you it sounds very normal. The first trimester is rough going if you aren't feeling awful then you are worrying about why not. You can't win physically or emotionally!

Will they scan you as you are so unsure of your dates? I would be pushing for that if not. My local epu you can just turn up and usnure dates is a very valid reason for an early scan (as is anxiety!).


Nomorepeppapig Wed 12-Mar-14 12:49:25

My symptoms came and went until I was about 8/10 weeks. Try not to worry to much. Xx

JustDanni Wed 12-Mar-14 18:51:04

We had the same problem after I was apparently suffering from PCOS...(I can't help but think the diagnosis was a little off)

I had no cycle for over a year when we conceived and the syptoms hit me like a train. Then a week later, they were gone. My boobs were normal, no nausea and was full of energy again.
But it all came back tenfold lol.

Are you being referred for an early scan?
We were advised to have one so we could be on track for our 12 week appointments.
Amazing seeing a little bean flipping about in there at 8 weeks lol.

Best of luck and stay positive.
Your body will find whats normal for you soon enough grin xx

Sparkle9 Wed 12-Mar-14 19:21:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WowserBowser Wed 12-Mar-14 19:27:10

The same happened to me - all pregnancy symptoms just disappeared one day. Then i started spotting. I'd had a previous mc so assumed the same was happening again but nope - Ds is now 3.

It definitely doesn't mean you will miscarry. Get checked though if you can, to give you peace of mind.

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