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The National Baby Show NEC

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Mummyinpink1289 Wed 12-Mar-14 11:36:33

Hi Everyone,

I'm planning on booking tickets to the Baby Show in birmingham this year and wondered if anyone has been before?

what i wanted to know is are you able to buy things like pushchairs/car seats/cots and take them home that day? or do you have to order and wait for delivery?

K8eee Wed 12-Mar-14 17:06:05

Hi op. I went to the one in London and was bitterly disappointed, but the NEC is huge so hopefully you should find some good stuff. can you have a look to see who is exhibiting?

I think you have to order & wait for delivery. just a word of warning though, don't be sucked into the 'show price'. We have bought an icandy pushchair with all the seat/carrycot, car seat adapters, mosquito nets & raincovers for half the price if all bought separately. If I were you I'd do some homework with what you're after, and the prices. We got it from John Lewis as there's a anniversary deal and at least we can take it back to a store if there are any problems smile

Mummyinpink1289 Thu 13-Mar-14 11:47:41

thanks for the advice k8eee

I thought the one in London would have been bigger than the NEC show? - what made you so dissapointed in the show if you dont mind me asking? was it just the selection on offer?

I spoke to a lady on the phone and she said you could buy things like cribs there last year but wasnt sure about push chairs/car seats etc and my other half isnt interested in going if we cant take away that day so its making it a pretty hard decision as i cant seem to find out anywhere if its possible to take away everything on the day. grr

K8eee Thu 13-Mar-14 14:16:50

It was held in a tiny room in blue water shopping centre. They had an area dedicated to pushchairs but imo they didn't seem that bothered about trying to show you how they all worked. It seemed quite under staffed, and there was a lot of the same stuff; baby photographers there were endless amounts of them. dh and I went thinking we'd find an answer to our pushchair problem, but left empty handed and with no extra knowledge. There probably ate bargains to be had, but nothing drew me in and the staff weren't all the interested in showing you their products. tbh I found the staff in the nursery department of John lewis to be far more helpful and willing to take their time to show you what they have to offer. If u in have a local one or a good size one with a nursery deparrment, I would highly recommend going down this route smile

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