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terrified of working with sickness

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mismylinford Tue 11-Mar-14 23:24:57

This is my second pregnancy and i never experience sickness with my first. But boy do i feel rotten! I am 6 weeks pregnant and am getting very nauseous and very dizzy from late afternoon to evening. Problem is that's my time of work. I am restaurant superior and i am scared to go to work from feeling so ill!! We have no staff room for me to run to. And only one female toilet which is shared with the guests! And i need to work for the money. Any suggestions welcome !!! Xxx

hartmel Wed 12-Mar-14 03:10:51

I have no suggestions but didn't want to read and run. First of all congratulations.
I'm also pregnant with Dc2. And you just basically wrote how I'm feeling. I'm just not working. But I have a 6 month old DS who keeps me busy.
I'm now 8 weeks. From week 4-6 I couldn't even change my sons diaper without poking and running to the washroom. Now it is just the tiredness and dizziness.

Are you showing already? My bump started growing around 6 weeks and now at 8 weeks I look like when I was 18 weeks with my first

Good luck and I hope you get something figured.

Oh I might suggest seeing your doctor/midwife, mine prescribed me some medication for Nausea.

MrsMonkeyBear Wed 12-Mar-14 08:17:50

I'm in the same boat. 8+4 now. I'm a chef at a reasonably busy hotel. I got some meds off my GP to help with the sickness, I also follow these simple steps.

1: keep ginger nut biscuits next to bed, wake up and nibble on a couple whilst catching up with mumsnet.
2: get dh up to make me some toast whilst I get dressed.
3: throughout day nibble on more toast, drink hot water.
4: any smells that get to me, eat a piece of candied ginger/suck a polo.
5: if I need to puke, I go for it. Don't care where or who sees me.
6: invest in some travel sickness bands. Work wonders for me. I have them on 24/7.

Big hugs and congratulations.


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