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A few days of Morning Sickness and already can't cope!

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lill72 Tue 11-Mar-14 12:40:52

I am six weeks pregnant and have just started feeling MS. I had with my previous pregnancy and it was horrible. I could not do anything - from about week 6-20. I just felt awful, only once threw up.

I have been terrified of getting again - one reason I waited 4 years between pregnancy. It has started bang on time and is awful, though not quite as awful as last time - at the moment anyway.

It is just that this time I have a DD to look after - I have started to get cabs to nursery, I can't clean the house, cook, look after anything. I feel useless. None of my my freinds seemed to suffer so bad, so I just feel I am a weak one and I should just snap out of it and just get off the couch. I know from reading on here many suffer in a similar way too. I am just not sure I can cope. I am going to have to tell people early I think. I am so miserable

ksrwr Tue 11-Mar-14 13:24:13

i am the same, i had dreadful morning sickness with 1st pregnancy, but with this one (12 weeks now) i have just had to get on with it. i have done the cabs to nursery thing, i've done naff all housework, i've gone to bed at 8pm, and i've just kind of got used to it. i've moaned to anyone who will listen and done very little at work. i find also that if i'm tired i feel way worse. so cut back on anything that makes you feel worse, get very early nights, eat constantly during the day, and keep reminding yourself that nausea is a good sign.

Jess03 Tue 11-Mar-14 13:42:40

Yes cabs to nursery whenever dh can't do both ways too, he's also cooking all dinners and doing more with dd at the weekend. Also struggling to concentrate at work... Thank goodness I hopefully won't be doing this again, it sucks!

lill72 Tue 11-Mar-14 14:14:24

Sorry to hear you're both suffering the same. It is horrible. I am not working but can't seem to prise myself off the couch to do housework. I feel awful when I stand up. Hate it - as I never sit down normally. DH love cooking so that is good, but fear DD will be lucky to get much at all, as I have to prepare dinner for her - DH not home in time. It will all depend on what I can bear to look at/smell in the kitchen. Ugh.

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