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Naive newbie and over with SS

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RelaxinRadox Mon 10-Mar-14 20:29:20

Hiya...I'm a 41 year old woman who separated from my EA partner 7 months ago. I've been internet dating and met a nice chap. We are not ttc yet and we dtd on 7th February on day 12. We used withdrawal. I normally ovulate around day 13. I had a swab taken on the 18th as Ive had recurrent thrush. The day after, exactly on time, my af arrived. It was normal where i bled for 5 days. I then started spotting a week later and have been ever since. Today the red blood was mixed with CM. Ive felt sick and had flutterings in tum. Ive been on amoxocillin for an infection and put it down to that. However, i just feel pregnant! I have been 4 times already!
My af is due in 4 days. I did a CB digital today and it said not pregnant. Took it apart and very faint line. Ive used 4 other varying tests and all negative.
Could i still be pregnant even though the last time i dtd was on the 7th February and I had a period following that?
Sorry to sound so naive but my new chap is working away and I want to make sure before he returns.
Thank you in advance.

Liara Mon 10-Mar-14 20:33:22

If the last time you dtd was 7th feb and you were pg, then you would currently be about 6 weeks, minimum. I can't see why a pg test would give negative at this stage if you were pg, tbh.

RelaxinRadox Mon 10-Mar-14 20:36:29

Liara...thank you for your reply. Im thinking similar but wasnt sure. Im also thinking I could be perimenopausal.

Liara Mon 10-Mar-14 21:03:37

FWIW, I've had similar feelings a few times since turning 40. None of them turned out to become babies, fortunately!

RelaxinRadox Mon 10-Mar-14 21:37:00

Lol...I'm kind of hoping the same. My youngest is 6 and I'm quite happy as I am. But new chap doesnt have children. Its early days. Who knows?!

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