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Coleyx Mon 10-Mar-14 18:31:18

Hi I'm 5 weeks 5 days pregnant very scared and worried as Iv had mc last feb , is it normal to get back ache and lower abdominal pains they come and go , just new to this so would b a great help no bleeding just some discharge wetness when going to loo


MrsMonkeyBear Mon 10-Mar-14 18:44:41

Yes. What you are experiencing is completely normal. Its just everything down below stretching. The discharge is normal too. Im 8+3 and having to wear liners due to the amount. Just take it easy and rest as much as you can.

squizita Mon 10-Mar-14 18:46:44

Yes I had all sorts of twinges. They are very scary if you have a history of MC! I was terrified: but had a scan and all well. It's just the insides flexing and swelling I think.

So long as they're mild and come and go and there's no bleeding, I wouldn't worry. Ring your GP if anything hurts too much- they can refer you to the EPU but at 5 weeks wouldn't see much.

Coleyx Mon 10-Mar-14 18:54:25

Thanks so much , I heard it was common but just wanted to hear it from someone else on here got early scan at 7 weeks doing everything right with eating stopped smoking no fizzy juice decaf tea etc , another question does anyone experience a good few bowel movements then sometimes hard to have another one at times


squizita Mon 10-Mar-14 19:15:42

Yep! That's very common too. If they are very hard to push out you may see just a drop of blood when you wipe too but that's usually from the poo nothing more (again causes a right panic for us post-MC women).

Prunes or prune juice are natural cures BUT they can make your poo runny and make you VERY farty!

Coleyx Mon 10-Mar-14 19:38:38

Yeah some days I'm going 2/3 times a day n others none n think that's were backache side pains r coming from, got apple juice there will have a few glasses , just very panicky at this stage thanks for all help

Boogles91 Mon 10-Mar-14 22:59:17

It is very common to get all these aches and pains. I had mc last year and was the same as you very worried. I member gettin mild cramps, and i knew they were nirmal but one day i had one and went toilet and there was orange on the paper sad sadly to say it didnt stop and i passed baby. A year kater at almost the same time i fell preggers with our lil man and i am now 21wks smile my 20week scan was the onky time i havent worried about whats going to be on the scan like something bad. The rest of the scans and time i was absolutley bricking it, my hubby new i was worried even though i pretended i was fine, he was a big support for me smile and always has been <3 i had all the same things this time only ten fold -.- my hormones were very wild this time as i had 24hr sicknes up until 11wks. I had all the mild cramps again like period pains and was worried constantly. Try not to worry chuck it doesnt do your mind any good lol i do knkw its hard though xx

Coleyx Tue 11-Mar-14 15:22:40

Yes defo is hard just wanted to know if normal as Iv basically fell pregnant a year after I had mc and I just worry got an early scan next week total worry look at the toilet paper every time I pee ,


squizita Tue 11-Mar-14 15:26:07

Coleyx we all do that!! Toilet checks I mean. Come and have a look on the posafricketivity thread... you'll find lots of advice and we're all in the same boat.

Coleyx Tue 11-Mar-14 23:58:14

Were do I find that as I'm just new to this not got a clue

SomethingOnce Wed 12-Mar-14 01:22:48

squizita is talking about this thread, Coley smile

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