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Trouble announcing 2nd pregnancy to family...

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jigsaw8 Mon 10-Mar-14 15:46:08

Hi All!

I'm in need of a bit of advice. Please don't judge me.

My partner and I have a 17 month old son and decided to try for another baby at the beginning of the year.

We found out last week that I am in fact pregnant! Fantastic news! 5-6 weeks now. We are both extremely excited about this.

However I don't feel like we can tell anyone, I just feel as though everyone will judge us for getting pregnant again, reason for the judgement being that we are only living in a 1 bed flat at the moment (renting), so the 3 of us are in the 1 bedroom. We know it would be ideal for our son to have his own room, but we are all perfectly happy as we are, we have play time in the lounge and sleep time in the bedroom, adult time when our sons gone to bed, there hasn't really been any need for us to look for somewhere else to live, so have put it off.

Yes we both know this isn't very practical as it is and definitely won't be in 8 months with a newborn, however a lot can happen in that time, we are now going through the motions of house hunting (to rent, not buy), just finding it a bit stressful as it is.

I know that as soon as we tell everyone I'm pregnant that is all that is going to come up, yeah sure they'll be excited about the new baby, however it'll be constant questions about what we're going to do about where we live etc... And I know everyone will worry.

Funniest thing is though everyone is always asking when we're having the next addition to our little family.

I don't really want that extra stress but at the same time I really want to tell my family the news as we are both very excited!


What do I do??

Thanks in advance!

peeapod Mon 10-Mar-14 15:50:06

remind people it is 9 months away? remind yourself its 9 months away. As you say a lot can happen in 9 months. bar the whole waiting til the 12 weeks scan I wouldnt worry about telling people because..

its 9 months...

WhatWouldCaitlinDo Mon 10-Mar-14 15:53:03

First of all, congratulations!

I totally agree with peeapod. You are looking for a new place so you are already on the case, and 9 months is tonnes of time to get sorted and move. Good luck!

Legalbaby79 Mon 10-Mar-14 15:57:37

Never listen to other people !! Everyone had an opinion but its your little family and your happiness x

jigsaw8 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:02:51

Thanks! xx

I just don't think my mum especially will take the news tooooo well in terms of where we live however much I try and tell her we've 9 months to find somewhere.

HannahG315 Mon 10-Mar-14 16:10:21

You're on the same page as you're family- remind them of this.

You can't even massage their opinions with things like 'this is the kick up the bum to get a bigger place...'

And if they do start to ramble, a sarcastic 'you do realise I agree with you?..' Always shuts people up mid rant.

ithoughtofitfirst Mon 10-Mar-14 16:41:38

Be prepared for getting crap advice off people but don't let it stop you being excited. All babies need is love, warmth, food and safety.

sjs152 Mon 10-Mar-14 19:40:12

Hello! I am 11.5 weeks pregnant, have a five year old little boy and live in a one bedroom flat. We have just put our flat on the market and are busy house hunting. It is very stressful but it is six months away. I was terrified of telling my family and only told them a couple of days ago, it went fine though and my family have kept their opinions to themselves. The impression that I get from them is that they would only interfere if we were just sitting here doing nothing, they can see that we are making an effort so they support us. I am sure that your family will be similar. If not, just ignore smile

HannahG315 Mon 10-Mar-14 20:19:17

We started house hunting when I was almost 3 months. One sale fell through. Then we purchased and moved when I was 7 months- it's doable! And in my experience, quicker to sort out renting new places as opposed to buying xx

AlwaysDancing1234 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:19:40

I'm almost 25 weeks pregnant and we already have DC1 and live in a 1 bed flat. Should be moving end April/May. Yes it's not ideal but we waited a long time to have DC2 and sometimes you just have to go with the flow a bit! People will always have opinions but as long as you are a loving family you don't have to live in a mansion smile

MaryWestmacott Mon 10-Mar-14 21:26:09

well, if you're flat hunting now, why not just keep it quiet until 12 weeks that you're pregnant, but tell them now that you're looking for a larger flat. Then when you announce the pregnancy, once they say anything about your living arrangments, you can just say "but we're moving well before then!" and the conversation ends.

That's 6 weeks away as well, so you could easily have told them you've got a new flat and are moving soon, before you've even told them you're pregnant!

jigsaw8 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:41:59

Thank you!

With our first we didn't really want to tell anyone until the first scan but we told everyone a week after we found out I was pregnant, mainly because I had to tell my place of work as soon as I found out because of safety reasons, so it felt right to tell my family before my work.

This time round we have the option to keep it quiet as long as we like (until I start showing or even the morning sickness kicks in [hopefully not]) but we are both really excited and actually want to tell everyone!

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