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Abdo pain at 27 weeks - advice please

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Jolay100 Mon 10-Mar-14 13:13:19

Had a really busy weekend working long shifts. By yesterday afternoon I had discomfort across the bottom of my bump, more right that left side, which got worse so that by the time I came home a bit early my back was really sore, bump firm and I was hobbling. I felt sure it was just muscle/ligament pain from doing too much. Baby moving fine and no bleeding etc. I went to bed and after a few hours it eased off. I felt much better this morning, but didn't go to work. I walked to the gp which is about 200 m from home up hill to drop in a urine sample and the pain came back. It has eased off again but it's still niggling me. I called my midwife but she hasn't got back to me, and no result yet re the urine. Can some one reassure me that this is just ligament pain.... And if so any tips for minimising it? Thanks.

owainsmum Mon 10-Mar-14 14:12:18

I'm 30 weeks and had this a few times lately. It's a pain that goes side to side across the bottom of my bump. I asked my midwife about it, she said probably ligament pain, although could be a symptom of urine infection. If you have any other uti signs it needs treating quickly, and obviously any bleeding needs checking out, but if it's just the pain and nothing else it's probably ligaments. Not much you can do other than rest and take paracetamol. Hope you feel better soon

Jolay100 Tue 11-Mar-14 07:43:35

Thanks for the advice !

miki123 Tue 11-Mar-14 07:51:33

i am 28 weeks preggers and have been having pain on the lower right hand side of my bump for weeks now when I walk, eat large meals or do anything vaguely strenuous...not EVERY time i walk however usually after about 10/15 mins of walking. I have spoken to my GP, the midwife and to my obstetrician about this and none of them seem concerned. I started a thread about this a few weeks back and quite a few other people said that they have experienced very similar pain. I think you should of course mention it to your MW however it sounds very similar to me so don't think you need to be alarmed. I also have an intermittent sore back but have heard this is very normal too! take care x

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