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Amnio & Testing for Toxoplasmosis

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cpool14 Mon 10-Mar-14 11:52:20

Help! I had amnio 10 days ago and am awaiting the results to see if I have given my foetus toxoplasmosis, I have it and am still testing positive. The doctor who did the toxo said that just because the amniotic fluid is infected doesn't mean the foetus has been affected, anyone know anything about this? The wait is killing me, I have already had CVS because the neuchal fold was so large and a heart scan! They were both fine!

LastOneDancing Mon 10-Mar-14 13:38:06

I may be wildly wrong & talking out my arse, but don't they test for antibodies with toxo?
So could it be possible that it's an old infection which has now passed?
I think they test again to see if the antibody levels have stabilised (indicating its old). Have you already had the second test?

Good luck and fx. I'm sorry these tests are so horrible, we had a vile week waiting for ours to come back.

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