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2nd labour any better????

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Hellymummy Sun 09-Mar-14 17:37:32

I had a abs awful labour with my first and now got to point where I'm dreading this labour! Please someone give me some second labour nice stories!!!!!!!

Huffpot Mon 10-Mar-14 06:27:18

My first labour was awful! I was induced a week early due to a mix up with my dates, DP wasn't allowed to stay with me and only called to come back when I was brought down to the delivery rooms. I vomitted constantly from the pain and was left alone for long periods so couldn't reach the water as a result of which I was dehydrated and hallucinating by the time he got there. I pushed for 4 hours as I wasn't a priority for a section, which resulted in the biggest hemorrhoids in the world (DP compared them to dog bollocks and I could see them hanging out in the mirror!). DS finally born with ventouse and episiotomy and delivered byva doctor who didn't turn him properly as he came out so he has a clicky shoulder. As my waters had broken early we both got an infection after birth so I was left on a drip while DP went with bub to have him put on a drip. We were kept in 3 days for that and loss of blood for me and then another 2 days for jaundice! Swine flu was going round so no visitors other than DP...was awful! He was 8lb 4
DS2 was a pure accident (fell when DS1 was 2 months old! ) due to contraceptive issues and travelling across the world.
His birth was amazing compared. Went into labour after a sweep, he was born 5 hours after arriving at hospital with only gas and air and 20 minutes pushing and weighed 9lb 8 and home within 6 hours or so
Second one was much easier! On the third nowsmile
You'll be fine! thanks

FairyPenguin Mon 10-Mar-14 06:50:17

Yep, much much better because I insisted on an epidural as soon as I possibly could (don't know why I didn't have one the first time!). It was a breeze once that took effect.

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