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baby and no bath,

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grannyliz123 Sun 09-Mar-14 16:11:57

Hi to all you mums ,just seen the thread about no bathtubs ,no problem,I have had 4 kids now on my first grandchild,age 9 months,never had a bath,!!! as I have a problem with my knees,so first when they were little,I bought a huge fish box,polysterene,ones,now you buy the bath inserts ,made of sponge ,but years ago I used a couple of large car sponges! the polystrene is light and warm and safe .

Easy to empty,I kept it in the bathroom with a lid on as a seat for when they got older,and bath toys etc.

Its now in the green house with canna corms and stuff in.

moved on now to a garden trug,again I have bought a sponge insert �1 shop I think ,again easy to tip over and empty,very sturdy when half full,,baby loves it,,then when hes big enough he will sit in a baby seat in the shower with me. When I lived abroad,I used a large cool box,without the beer,dont waste money on stuff ,I have a machine cemetery under my kitchen sink,used once and never again,we all have them,hope this helps,bet if you were good with your hands,you could put a plug in a fish box?of course it goes without saying ,I never left any of them alone,(with the beer)ps fish box brilliant for camping and caravans ,and visits to people with out baths!!

GreggsOnLegs Sun 09-Mar-14 16:16:13

And breathe op grin

Use your kitchen sink

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