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Massive appetite and feels like I have no way of controlling it! Help?!

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Zara8 Sun 09-Mar-14 10:53:12

Just that, really! I'm 8 weeks with #2 and when I'm not nauseous I'm ravenously hungry. Like, could eat 3 big dinners a day hungry. Like, 14 year old boy hungry. I wake up in the night starving and can't go back to sleep unless I eat.

My appetite is literally 3-4 x what it was pre-pregnancy (3 sensibly sized meals a day, no snacking).

Unfortunately it was like this last time too and I put on about 30kg blushblush (I lost it all plus 10 more though, happily!)

My weight gain was likely a contributing factor to me getting high blood pressure at 38 weeks and the induction at 40+1 that followed.... So would like to avoid again.

If I try to moderate the volume of what I eat (it's mostly healthy) I feel sick and like I'm going to faint. Like my blood sugar levels have collapsed, can't concentrate etc.

Advice? Commiserations.....?

MrsMonkeyBear Sun 09-Mar-14 11:20:56

I'm exactly the same. 8+2 n eating like there's no tomorrow. But I'd sooner be eating than throwing up. I'm trying to eat healthy, but half the time I'm stuffing myself with mcdonalds and take aways. Unfortunately if that's what your body wants to do, that's what you're going to do!! In 2 weeks I've put on 4lbs so if I carry on the way I'm going id have doubled my body weight by the end of this pregnancy!!!

Congrats on your pregnancy.
X x

CalamityKate Sun 09-Mar-14 11:27:05

Oh god I was the same. I think people thought I was just embracing the "eating for two" thing - I've always loved my food! - but I wasn't eating for the sake of it; I was STARVING. All the time. I remember having 8 pieces of toast one morning for breakfast. Lunch was quite often chicken and chips from the chippie followed by a bacon and egg sandwich and a Belgian bun.

DS was almost 11lb in the end so I put it down to that.

squizita Sun 09-Mar-14 11:29:42

I've gone from a 'just an oatcake for me' 1st trimester into week 13+ of hunger. The problem is tummy hasn't caught up: I still get sickness if I wolf down my food. angry

DH has been so kind catering to tempt me for weeks, the house is full of luxury snacks. Going out today to stock up on veggies etc.

At my 12 week scan, they said "what have you just eaten?" I was like "avocado pret sandwich" they said "baby likes greens!" ... mama likes crisps though grin !!

Foodylicious Sun 09-Mar-14 11:35:15

Along with lots of mcdonalds and other rubbish I ate alot of apples, bananas, cereal bars and under 100 cal crisps. Also would take sliced red or yellow peppers to snack on.
I had lots of nausea and vomiting, eating was one of the things that stopped me being sick so I would eat all of the above at any time of day. Also found taking buttered malt loaf or scotch pancakes up to bed (wrapped up) so I could eat as soon as I woke up or in the middle of the night helped massively.
Its a totaly different sort of hunger!
My appetite eased off a bit around weeks 14 - 18 then was insatiable again. Been a bit more 'normal' (for an elephant) the last few weeks (am 26 weeks now), massively helped by having egg or ham on toast for breakfast instead of just toast which leaves me snacking all morning. I have put on nearly 10kg so far and people keep telling me not to worry as I will "pile on loads towards the end" eek!!!
Mmmm, hungry now, maybe time for an early lunch??

MyNameIsKenAdams Sun 09-Mar-14 11:37:30

Im 7w3 and the same. Ravenous. At work last night I had three meals. Everyone was shock ive been off with a bad bout of flu though so I just used the excuse that I was making up for all the lost calories.

Paid for it however as ive barely been off the loo the last 12 hours. As soon as something goes in, its coming outagain. Sorry tmi.

I wasnt this hungry last pg!!

Zara8 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:54:08

DS was only 7lb 4oz blush which was rather embarrassing given how much weight I put on!

I am so hungry. Trying to focus on eating protein and veggies. I ate a lot of pasta last time which wasn't good for weight gain.

Although saying that at 3am I had a cheese, lettuce, tomato and piccalilli (wholemeal!) bun. 9am (DH let me sleep in, bless him) Croissant with bacon (leftovers! Was so ravenous couldn't think of making anything else!), Greek yoghurt and tinned fruit. blush

Too much carbs and sugar there. Going to have scrambled eggs with some leftover salmon and avocado for lunch.

Yes people laughed at me and told me off for eating for two last time sad I was fuming as there was nothing I could do! I couldn't go to work or even get out of bed if I didn't eat! But I got my revenge when I lost all the baby weight plus a bit more!! wink

Zara8 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:56:05

I remember having 12 large buttermilk pancakes for breakfast one morning last time.

I was really, really hungry. I was eating as much as my friend who was training for an Ironman.....

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