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Ivf mummies *hello*

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Evie31 Sun 09-Mar-14 07:29:16

Hi there,
Just wanted to discuss ivf with you!
I've had a blastocyst 3AA transferred last Saturday!!! Very happy as have 2 frozen embryos too!
So I'm on day 13 now. Been having constant period pains.
Anyone else?
Very worried it will come out. Fingered crossed

TheBuggerlugs Sun 09-Mar-14 09:56:00

Hello. I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant with a singleton after a double blasto transfer in February. After the transfer I had bad period pain cramps and practically lived on paracetamols. Your ovaries will be swollen and squashing everything making an pains feel more intense. There isn't even a slight possibility of the embryos falling out. Good luck smile

Fishcake77 Sun 09-Mar-14 11:29:58

Hello, I had IVF at the beginning of last year. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me, however the clinic that I used had a fantastic forum where everyone is in the same boat as you and it was great to discuss symptoms etc. To find the one I used Google 'Bristol Reproductive Centre Forum' - there are ladies on there who didn't go to Bristol for IVF treatment etc. but they still use it. Good luck and FX all goes well for you.

Hatteras Sun 09-Mar-14 18:40:39

Good luck Evie. I'm nearly 10 weeks pregnant with a singleton after having two blastocysts (4AA and 3AA I think) transferred in January. The 2ww is awful, but keeping fingers crossed for you, when do you test?

KatraAllandra Sun 09-Mar-14 19:37:12

I'm 24 weeks pg after our first round of IVF with 4 in the freezer for later. We know we have been incredibly lucky.

I had very severe OHSS before the transfer, they almost had to cancel it, anyway I was told that if the transfer was successful the OHSS would get much worse. 3 days post transfer the OHSS cleared up completely so I was convinced it had failed, I then had bad period like symptoms up until the blood test. So much so that I almost didn't bother going for it. I was totally in shock when the test was positive.

What I'm trying to say is try to stay positive, the two week wait is horrendous but you can't read too much into any symptoms. The drugs play havoc with your body and you'll be hyper aware of your body right now.

I hope you are as lucky as we were.

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