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really worried 11.3 and boobs deflated by a hole cup size and im terrified

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summerdreams Sat 08-Mar-14 19:11:11

ive been very ill since i found out i was pregnant vomiting all day migraines aches and pains dizzyness the lot im only a size 12 5ft 7 36c boobs but was filling a d by 8 weeks over the last week still sick dizzy and migraines but boobs lose in a c bra couldnt even get them on before my family has noticed its that bad and im really worried anyone got good stories to share... oh yeh and had a 7 week scan and was completely healthy next scan wednesday but very worried

weebairn Sat 08-Mar-14 19:12:47

Hello. In last pregnancy all my symptoms vanished around 11 weeks. Everything was fine! Symptoms come and go. Around this time is when the placenta takes over, and lots of women feel much better.

(11 weeks in second pregnancy right now and symptoms not going anywhere, wail)

summerdreams Sat 08-Mar-14 19:19:10

thanks weebairnand congratulations thanks

summerdreams Sat 08-Mar-14 19:52:34

also just thinking i have lost around a stone due to vomiting but they have definitely lost any soreness could the deflation be weight loss? confused hmm

Boogles91 Sat 08-Mar-14 21:16:00

Dw too much chuck, its probs a mixture. My symptoms went at 10wks and as i had mc last year was terrified of my 12wk scan incase i had a mmc. But i hadnt and im now 21wks :D lil man wriggling around in there :p using my bladder as a daily punchbag lol and my boobs did the same but as ur a c cup and i am an e, and now they have gone down abit. Xx

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