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Is anyone else a bit scared?

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Kels13 Fri 07-Mar-14 22:17:32

We're having a very wanted baby. We'd been trying for about 5 months after getting married and are now 9 weeks on. I had some early spotting which was completely terrifying and I think that may have scared me so much that I feel like I can't get excited as I know how common it is for things to go wrong. It's also hitting me just how much life is going to change. I really am so happy to be pregnant think I'm just overwhelmed with it all and scared of something going wrong. I've a ton of baby mags that my best mate gave me and I'm yet to look at one. So unlike me! Anyone else feeling similar? X

HelenHen Fri 07-Mar-14 22:25:08

Hey, I was absolutely terrified with my first and had no complications! Labour has always been my biggest fear and I had several meltdowns where dh just held me when I sobbed. Second time round, I'm so much calmer. I think it's gets easier as you go along though. I wa

rosiegal Sat 08-Mar-14 17:53:31

Yes Kels totally terrified and I'm not usually a worrier/stress head. I'm just over 8 weeks but I'm not 100% sure of dates as I came off the pill last September to ttc and my cycle was everywhere. Luckily I have an early dating scan this wednesday so I'm keeping everything crossed.
Like you this is a much wanted 1st pregnancy and I'm scared of something going wrong. Luckily I havent had any bleeding/spotting so far but my symptoms come and go so some days I dont even feel pregnant, so of course I'm worrying about disappearing symptoms now.
Statistically I know there is more chance of things going absolutely fine than not, but I still cant help myself sometimes.
smile Glad I'm not the only mental one! xx

polkadotdelight Sat 08-Mar-14 17:59:48

You are not alone. I am 12 weeks with my first baby but miscarried last year. I have had my booking in appointment but have hidden everything until I get my scan next week.

rosiegal Sat 08-Mar-14 21:10:25

I'm sorry to hear of your mc polka and really hope its a better outcome this time for you. We havent told anyone yet either and planning to do that after the scan if all is well. My scan is fairly early but I think thats because of my confusion over dates.

Boogles91 Sat 08-Mar-14 22:14:41

Im not scared of anything but one thing! I was birn with a kidney defect wich made my life hell! I was basicaly poisened all my life cus of it and it wernt until before my 18th that i had an op to correct it. Its hirreditary, and i just dont want our lil man to go througn what i have, as i have had severe mental health and ended up with M.E. Although he is having the scans done when hes a certain age to make sure i just know how depressing it can be to spend your life on antibiotics wich you know isnt going to change anything. Im 23 this july(lil man is due 6days after my bday) and mist days i dont feel young from the stress of being seriously ill all my life, and i want him to grow up feeling how hes supposed to. I dont bother with those mags as hearing from my mummy and talking to her about all the things to expect are better than words in a book smile plus my hubby has had the experiance of bringin a newborn up before so i knkw if i struggle with anything or just get a little dumbstruck at times i have more than enough help around me smile xx

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