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cervical erosion at 5 weeks?

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flipflopsonfifthavenue Fri 07-Mar-14 20:38:26

when I was about 26 wks pg with DS I had some spotting. Not heavy, but very red and it lasted a good week or so, and was very worrying at the time. I was in and out of hospital getting it checked out, and there was nothing wrong with the baby, so in the end they gave me a steroid jab in case he came early, and the docs suggested it could be cervical erosion, as they could see no other reason. Pregnancy continued without issues after that.

Am now 5wks pregnant again and the night before I poas I had a minuscule amount of pink spotting, but I assumed it meant my period was on its way. The following morning I had a positive test, and I took another, positive one, a few days ago.

I've just had another few pink spots. Could this be cervical erosion starting already? Or is this the start of a mc??

Do I sit and wait? Anyone else had this?


alita7 Fri 07-Mar-14 20:44:39

If uess you can't tell until you speak to a dc or Ifyou miscarry. If it happneed before it is probably cervical erosion again so dont panic smile

squizita Fri 07-Mar-14 20:48:51

Ectropian/Cervical erosion is quite common in pregnancy. If it's just tiny spots it should be OK, but if it gets any heavier maybe see your local EPU.

I have it + history of MC (and on blood thinners) so have had 2 big old emotional meltdowns so far upon the sight of pink spots. Both followed by all clears at hospital. smile

Windywinston Sat 08-Mar-14 17:41:29

If you're concerned definitely speak to mw, but spotting in early pregnancy is very common and if you're not getting any pain/cramps that's probably a good sign that it's nothing to worry about.

MabelMay Sat 08-Mar-14 17:53:46

flipflops, if it's any consolation I am 5 wks pregnant also and have been having a very light pink discharge (which I only see when I wipe) - in fact I saw some weird bits of flesh-coloured tissue in my urine this morning. No cramping, no pain, no actual blood. I had two MCs last year so am completely paranoid, but the reassuring thing is I had nothing like this in the PGs when I miscarried - so am hoping it's cervical tissue. I can't see or speak to a doctor until Monday.
I've heard that a little bit of pink discharge is quite normal at this stage so am consoling myself with that. Hope you're not too worried. Am sure it's fine. As others have said, if there's no pain or bright blood then all should be proceeding as normal, fingers crossed.

BEEwitched Sat 08-Mar-14 18:20:59

I've had spotting throughout pregnancy, first at 5 weeks, and they couldn't find any cause and finally settled on cervical erosion (likely as I they suspect PCOS) - made it to 28 weeks so far and haven't had any bleeds since Christmas.

I gave my GP a ring when I had my first spotting and they referred me for a scan with the EPU, but it as too early to tell how things were going.

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