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Is this just hormones or some kind of PND

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RedandChecker Fri 07-Mar-14 17:19:44

Excuse typos using iPhone.

I am 8 weeks PG. Expecting 2nd child although 4th pregnancy following a few MCs.

After TTC for nine months I decided I wanted to stop due to emotions and deciding I was now happy with the way things were and that life was easier now DS is older (4.6) I decided I would foster later on in life. Of course this is when I find out I'm Pregnant.

I surprised myself by feeling extremely down for about a week after PT. I could not get out of bed, see any light through this , or stop crying. I even considered not having the baby I felt that low. One evening however I was lying on DPs chest and could hear his heartbeat. This reminded me that there was a living being growing inside of me with a beating heart of it's own. I decided I needed to adjust to the change and look at the positives of the situation. I've felt a little better and I definately want the pregnancy.

But I keep going into 'phases' of panic? I'm not sure how to explain it. I am so scared of losing the baby, I am so scared of life with a newborn, I am worried about how I will cope with either outcome which is making me feel very confused. Last night I argued with my DP over domestic stuff and started to panic that I was stressed this led me to cry, which I felt even more guilty about but no matter how much I tried to stop I just kept breaking down. I cried from 4pm until 10pm on and off.

This morning I had a lot of stress with my landlord etc. I had what I think to be my first panic attack, I just could not breathe properly. I have cried all day. Then whilst cleaning the top of the fridge ready for it to be taken away I fell off of a chair. I again panicked and could not stop crying.

I've asked my DP to be patient with me as I am definately not feeling myself but he says he feels like he is walking on eggshells and I am bringing him down. I keep trying to lift myself out of this stress-cry-panic-guilt cycle but I just cannot shift it.

I am going to go in for an early scan post fall on Wednesday. I am hoping this makes me feel better. My first MC was missed, this is my worst fear I do not one to go for my twelve weeks excited to find baby has died. I feel like a completely different person now to pre pregnancy me. I don't want to go out ive lost my appetite and I am just feeling - odd. I haven't felt like this in any of my other pregnanciEs.

I know I will probably find this difficult until I reach twelve weeks but I am just looking for some advice of how to stop being like this, it is not good for me, baby, DP or DS. I feel embarrassed that I cannot just snap out of it.

squizita Fri 07-Mar-14 17:39:31

Sounds like medical/pregnancy anxiety after miscarriage (I've been diagnosed). Ask a mw about seeing a psych nurse, it's very common and they were so kind.

Take care. It's horrible but there are people out there who can help.

SweetPea86 Fri 07-Mar-14 17:41:45

Hi Hun sorry your feeling like this. Maybe it's a bit of both it could be your hormones.

My hubby and I planned for our baby then once I had my BFP I felt totally overwhelmed and panicked causing me to feel low and depressed. I'm ok now and have 6 weeks left untill I meet my little boy.

Maybe it was a mix of trying for a baby and it taking a while, maybe you had prepared your self on it not happening. And when it has your in a bit of shock.

I think the best thing to do is go and see your GP and speak to midwife about how your feeling and they will help you. I remember my emotions being all over in the first trimester. I felt much better after my 12 and 20 week scans maybe it could be a bit of that, as you have had 2 mc maybe deep down your scared something will happen.

I think best bet is talk to your partner and GP

Wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy hope you feel better soon smile

ithoughtofitfirst Fri 07-Mar-14 18:00:31

I agree about seeing your GP. You shouldn't have to just put up with feeling so low. We all get mood disturbances of some sort at one time or another and sounds like you've had more than your fair share of stress. So be really kind to yourself and talk to your doctor or midwife x

RedandChecker Fri 07-Mar-14 18:47:26

Thank you for your replies.

I've signed up with the midwife today and have an appointment on the 24th :-( feels like a lifetime away.

I didn't think of speaking to them I was worried they may be concerned about me but I'm 'glad' in a way to know it is fairly common and they may be able to help me out a bit. Hopefully I settle down in the meantime.

It's hard to talk to DP he thinks im just being ridiculous I try to explain and he just responds with "so you don't think I'm worried too?" Sigh. All I want is a hug from him!


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