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Pelvis pain

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xxx28xxx Thu 06-Mar-14 18:57:54

Can anyone offer some advice? Since Sunday I've felt quite a lot of pressure low down, around the top of my cervix. At my midwife appt this week I was told baby is head down but not engaged.

Anyway as the days have gone on the pain is worse, I feel like my cervix is bruised almost and I'm getting pains up my vagina and bum as well as in my lower back and top of my right thigh. Walking was so painful today. Pls pls pls don't tell me this is the start or spd?

The only thing that stops the pain is sitting down, standing and lying down hurt sad I'm only 30 wks so really hoping this won't get any worse. Any ideas of what's wrong and how to ease it? Thanks!

Boogles91 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:47:09

Im 21wks and i get this alot! My hips feel like they have seized and my hip went the other day! Everytime i walked it was painful and felt like it was clicking in and out of place! Now i get alot of pressure on my pubic bone and the feels bruised. I already have sciatica and as im carrying at the back he sets it off alot, but its managable. Im going to talk to the guys at hospital when i go next as i see them before midwife see what they say. I know its normal to get some uncomfartble pains, but im a strong willed and stubborn person anyway and i dont let anything stop me from doing what i want :p it wouldnt bother me if they say ive most likely got that condition thing xx

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