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Depression - worried about taking Fluoxetine (Prozac)

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amyjaney1984 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:04:27

Hi, I am ten weeks pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant my dr advised me to come off citalopram, which I did. However I am really not coping very well - I am a teacher and today I just kept bursting into tears so had to go home. I saw my dr and she suggested going onto fluoxetine. She said there is a risk of congenital heart defects in the baby, but in pregnancy they prescribe antidepressants on a "the pros outweigh the cons" basis... This has really scared me. I know I can't function and do my job without them, but I don't want to hurt my baby. Does anyone have any advice or been through a similar thing?

peeapod Thu 06-Mar-14 17:38:18

it sounds like you need refering to aspecialist mental health midwife team. Sometimes called perinatal. They can give you the best advice about the whats and wherefores of drugs and help with monitoring them with you..

Boogles91 Thu 06-Mar-14 19:04:30

Yes it does. Have you ever had any therapys or tried to see somebody. If your that determined to get better it will happen for you smile it did for me after suffering years of severe mental health, amd now ive learnt to control my emotions in such a way that i hardly get depressed. Or let things and people bring me down! I still sturggle slightly with anxiety but im still learning with that :p i seen loads of mental health professions and if it wasnt for a certain two, i wouldnt be here today. Im helping my hubby get over his anxietys with the help of his therapist aswell. I know its horrible being in that dark place and feeling so alone even though youre not, but you just have to stay strong like i did in the end. My doc stopped my happy pill and it was tough, but im doing ok now smile i still have my moments like whats the point in even getting up today, but then i replace those thoughts with happy ones like wonder what our lil man will look like etc. and it keeps me going smile hope you find a way of coping chuck xx

JustDanni Thu 06-Mar-14 23:57:25

I only have experience with the depression part. So may not be much help.
But would you not be able to be signed off. Teaching is a stressful job and that can hold its own risks without struggling with mental health and pregnancy.
Definitely ask to be referred to a mental health team and take things from there. I would considder time off if it is an option for you.
Pushing yourself will only make you feel worse.
Sorry I'm not much help.

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