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hair dye

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Dazedconfused Thu 06-Mar-14 16:34:59

This is a daft and superficial question and I have read the nhs guidelines which basically say yeah go ahead but be careful but don't mention bleach...!

I dip dye my hair (blonde on the ends nothing on the roots sounds rank i know but i like it). this means when I cut my hair quite a lot of my colour comes our if don't it safe to use peroxide based colours? it is only on the ends so none on my scalp....

nc060 Thu 06-Mar-14 16:45:13

I had my hair done last week and asked the hairdresser - she basically said it was fine as I have foils that don't go onto scalp and the salon is well ventilated so not to worry, she said when she was pregnant she had full head colour straight onto scalp every 4 weeks and was fine

Hope that helpssmile

ToriaPumpkin Thu 06-Mar-14 16:58:03

I've don't mine a couple of times. I asked and was told it was fine, but it smells even worse than usual due to my heightened sense of smell so watch out grin

TheBuggerlugs Thu 06-Mar-14 17:18:56

I'm pregnant after IVF and my consultant said no hair dye until after 12 weeks so I currently have roots that a character from Shameless would be proud of smile

For me, its not worth the extra worry it will bring even if there are no risks.

Dazedconfused Thu 06-Mar-14 17:26:21

thanks all i am 10 weeks at the mo so will hold off for a fortnight just to be sure. luckily my roots are supposed to be long but my ends are getting out of control at the moment and need a wee chop.

also smells still setting me off something rotten so might be better in couple weeks or might ask her to come to mine so I am near a toilet

Roseandmabelshouse Thu 06-Mar-14 17:58:13

I waited until 12 weeks although I was just being ultra cautious

sarahquilt Thu 06-Mar-14 18:08:08

No risk. The amount of dye that would even seep into the scalp is tiny.

squizita Thu 06-Mar-14 19:09:02

No risk but at the moment I can't bear the smell (or the smell or any nail polish even those with low chemicals) so have roots from hell. grin

PosyFossilsShoes Thu 06-Mar-14 22:03:41

I'm waiting until 12 weeks just in case. The best info I have says that there's no risk from dye seeping into the scalp, but there is a teeny risk from home dying due to breathing the chemicals (not a problem in a properly ventilated salon). Can't remember where I found that now though.

squizita Fri 07-Mar-14 07:44:38

My hairdresser told me the main risks in home dye 1st trimester were "Catching cold cause you've opened every bloody window cause it stinks" (I guess to ventilate) and - more likely - "If you get a scalp reaction, that'll come back every time for life. You'll have to change brand/colour."

The second scared me I've been using Nutrisse 66 so long people think I'm naturally pinky red LOL grin

Mummyinpink1289 Fri 07-Mar-14 12:27:45

Not to put a downer on this coversation but there is not enough medical research to be able to say that dying your hair in pregnancy is safe. So i wouldnt, if it was me and i was concerned, take advice from a hair dresser just because its just their opinion, not a proven fact.

I think it should be your own decision, it does seem like most people continue to dye their hair in pregnancy as i opened a post about this myself a couple of weeks back as my DH is really against and practically begged me not to dye my hair until the baby is born (im 12 weeks now) and this has left me in a situation where i now dont want to incase something bad did ever happen to our baby he would always think/suspect it was something to do with me dying my hair when i was pregnant. So for now, i chose not to.

I also dip dye the ends of my hair blonde and after another 2 hair cuts its pretty much gonna be all gone sad but i think i will just have to wait until baby arrives.
I did dye my hair in previous pregnancies and both babies turned out fine so it's a decision you should really make yourself, no one can say its safe for definate as there isnt any research that has shown this.

squizita Fri 07-Mar-14 13:00:13

Mummy Lack of firm scientific evidence over the entire 20th century is a form of evidence. I was on that thread you mentioned.
As are the NHS guidelines: they do not take things lightly and are updated annually. These are based on secure, world reknowned research (Imperial does most of the cutting edge world research into miscarriage and birth defects and the EU have stricter rules on the 'big 3' chemicals than other western countries).

The biggest sad in your post however, to me, is this:
"this has left me in a situation where i now dont want to incase something bad did ever happen to our baby he would always think/suspect it was something to do with me dying my hair when i was pregnant."
You are pregnant and living in fear of blame. The other thread showed you scientific input and medical advice from midwives, not random advice. Your fear is not hair dye, but the blame you'll get from the man who is supposed to support you if you dye your hair and something goes wrong. Over 90% of losses and fetal damage are chance based (bar choosing to conceive when slightly older and thus knowing there's a risk). Scare stories arise from the human need for an 'answer' - and sadly it often blames innocent women.
As a recurrent miscarrier (3 losses, NO BLAME from DH and an encyclopedic obsessive reading up on the topic) that sentence left me very concerned. It sounds controlling, scare-mongering and something you need to resolve before DC arrives (if there was a problem would be blame you due to plastic food packs, driving, non stick pans, shower gel or any of the 10001 other sources of chemicals?).
Sorry to get heavy about this but if you're referring to your other thread - it was raised there too.

squizita Fri 07-Mar-14 13:09:57

Actually just recalled some of your other threads you've posted about your partner (quick to anger, can be immature and not so good with your other kids, you were worried how he'd react) and TBH this isn't about hair dye is it?
Please, please resolve this. His guilt/worry/control may seem like a 'little' thing now, but it can grow: and it isn't normal caring. Normal caring remembers it's your body, you're a mum already and you're not irresponsible.

Mummyinpink1289 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:13:28

'this has left me in a situation where i now dont want to incase something bad did ever happen to our baby he would always think/suspect it was something to do with me dying my hair when i was pregnant' - i am carrying his baby too, not just mine. and im not refering to mis carriage, im refering to something being wrong with our baby when it's born - there will always be a thought, was it the hair dye?
Just because its the womans body - it still is both of the parents child inside of her. I dont let people control me but i am able to understand that he is the baby's father and i respect him enough to hold off dying my hair for 8 months. it isnt a big deal to me becuase i only have the ends of my hair dyed - if i had my hair regularly dyed to cover up roots for example then that would be different as i would want to get rid of them but its no biggy for me right now.

I asked the question myself a month or 2 back becuase it had never occured to me not to dye my hair, until he expressed his conerns to me. He has said to me in a nice way that he really doesnt want me to, because this baby means everything to him and he's a worrier. so why put someone you are supposed to love unconditionally through that worry for no desperate need?

sorry if you think its becuase hes had me up against the wall with a gun to my head threatening me. but this just isnt the case.

Mummyinpink1289 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:14:49

im guessing that from your quick to council me attitude squizita that you probably are in a controlling situation yourself - or have been. and are keen to give 'therapy' to others, but honestly its not needed here. thank you for the thought though.

eurochick Thu 13-Mar-14 12:18:15

Hmm. I also find your post concerning. And for the record, I have never been in a controlling relationship.

Mummyinpink1289 Thu 13-Mar-14 12:37:20

again, thank you for the conern however it isnt needed. grin

people on here read way too far into things...

squizita Thu 13-Mar-14 13:09:22

Mummy yes I was in a controlling relationship. I'm also trained to work with young women (and men) under those circumstances. And when I was in the situation, I thought I was being the 'reasonable one' caring for my delicate partner who would get upset easily by making noble choices. Control doesn't always seem like bullying: it can seem very tender and worry-based. The victim can feel guilty or like a martyr.

It wasn't a knee-jerk suggestion though. I'll try to find and explain/link to where I got the impression it wasn't such a reasonable conversation.
I've based it on what you yourself wrote in other posts which do suggest an issue. And these weren't about asking not to dye hair. Specifically this one: with quotes such as "his mum has let him get away with him disrespecting her since he could talk and so he tends to behave a bit like a spoilt brat a lot of the time and i spend most of my weekends having a go at him for being rude or winding the kids up and making them cry"

And in this one - the hair dye one - I thought it sounded controlling because you don't say he was sweet and upset and it does suggest a level of anger and bossiness, you chose to use the words "went mad" then followed it up by asking as you couldn't find any evidence. Logically, your motivation was therefore him going "mad".

There is also a thread where he seems to be very anxious because he never had a perfect childhood and wants to be a "perfect dad", becoming quite stressed when he realised you were pregnant.

^If you wrote these after a one time row and they're not actually true, you have to remember they're out there on MN and many people have read them: you can have them removed if you wish. Anything we write on the internet is 'out there' and people will remember them especially if they're very emotional.
These do give a different tone to the whole situation and that is why (including the OP about dye where you yourself said he 'went mad') I didn't think it was a gentle request: I hope you can see that.^

squizita Thu 13-Mar-14 13:21:38

...also, did were those 20 people on that thread I posted also paranoid based on a controlling relationship? It has the same pattern: you say something, suddenly realise it makes DH look angry, then back-track.

Once I could understand it was confused wording. But 3 long posts?

Snook99 Fri 14-Mar-14 23:22:52

Hi, I am and ex hairdresser (trained but hated it!) there isn't enough medical evidence to prove anything but obviously chemicals aren't good but if you are only having your ends bleached/dip dyed then it's fine it's not absorbing into your scalp it's only on the dead hair x

JustDanni Sat 15-Mar-14 04:32:39

Wait until your second trimester just to be on the safe side.
Do it in a room with extra ventilation and avoid all contact with skin and you should be fine.
Might not come out the usual colour though wink

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