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C-section booked for 37 weeks - what will I need for baby?

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BlackberryandNettle Thu 06-Mar-14 10:59:24

Due to a complication I am now set to have c-section at 37 weeks. We're anticipating the baby being around 6lbs. Bit worried that I have no clothes the right size (we've been given lots of 0-3 month stuff), also as far as car seat goes will I need a special liner/insert? what size of nappy would be suitable (this is our first)? Will I need to 'quarantine' the baby away from germy nieces/nephews? Also a little concerned about feeding - I am guessing it will be pretty much constant little feeds for a small baby?

Does anyone have any experience of having a slightly early/small baby?

Thanks x

laura2323 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:08:13

Just want to wish you good luck! I was induced at 38 weeks and my dd was exactly 6lb (though the MW guessed 8lb!) I only had 0-3 clothes too which were too big, I found first size and tiny baby fitted her better. She is now in 0-3 at 19 weeks.
As for the car seat as long as there is the newborn insert (support their heads) then I found it to be enough support.
Nappies I used tesco and Aldi size 0, bit big but she soon grew into them, I rolled down the front of the nappy anyway so it was under the cord, apparently it helps it to fall off, which it did after 6days.
Feeding is hit and miss, go by your babies cues, if ff feed little and often and don't worry if your dc doesn't take a lot a newborn stomach is smaller than a marble. Just go with your baby.
If bf while in hospital don't be afraid to ask for help like I was, keep pestering them for help if you need it.
More importantly rest and enjoy time with just you and your newborn! There is nothing better!!!

jen2014 Thu 06-Mar-14 13:45:58

DS was 7lb 7oz and still too small for 0-3 months so would definitely advise you get 1 or 2 multipacks of tiny baby size baby gros. Even the newborn sizes often go up to 10lb so are too big.
Don't be scared by the label 'tiny baby' though - it's really a daft thing to call it, makes it sound like there's something wrong with the baby and I remember feeling awfully defensive. He's not tiny, he's perfect!! A 6lb is absolutely healthy and won't need any special measures over an 8lb for example. Ideally you don't want a germy niece/ nephew sneezing all over them but they also retain a lot of immunity from you to see them through the first few weeks.
Agree with laura on feeding, baby will tell you what they need. Sometimes all they do is sleep for the first 24hrs, other times they'll be like a starving baby seal as soon as they arrive.

peeapod Thu 06-Mar-14 13:49:38

also remember that clothes can be got if needed. Im only taking 0-3 for my baba and if they need smaller thay can wear baggy til we get more, but if too small it cant happen..

Cannotbelieveit Thu 06-Mar-14 13:53:39

My DS1 came at 37+5 via emergency section and was 6lb11.5oz and wore either tiny baby or early baby (one is for 5lb something and one is for 7lb something can't remember which way round)

Feed wise little and often, at 6lb or so it'll be the equivalent of 20 ml an hour maximum.

Nappy wise we used pampers new baby size 1 which is suitable for babies 4-11lbs

Amo101 Thu 06-Mar-14 14:09:43

My daughter was born vaginally at 37 weeks she was 5lb4 and tiny and early baby stuff from mothercare was what fitted best (I'm not sure which is smaller either). I noticed recently that matalan do a size smaller than newborn and they're a bit cheaper but just as nice.

If I were you I'd probably buy a couple of multi packs but leave them sealed in case you don't need them and then you can return them.

I think I used boots own brand nappies as pampers were too big at first but it was a few years ago so sizes have pprobably changed.

hubbahubster Thu 06-Mar-14 14:43:42

DS was 6lb13 and was still in tiny baby stuff - newborn is massive IME, up to 10 or 11lbs!

I had a section at 39 weeks and struggled massively with feeding as milk didn't come in for about a week despite constant attempts at feeding. So I'd recommend looking into fenugreek supplements or something similar to encourage supply if you're looking to BF. You might be lucky with feeding though!

WorriedMouse Thu 06-Mar-14 15:23:11

My 39+4 CS baby weighed 7lb 11oz and could fit into the tiny baby stuff for a few days. Just to prepare yourself (I didn't know this) CS babies can have a lot of mucus on their chests and it can sound frightening for a few weeks. He's now 17 weeks and a chunk at 18lbs! Good luck.

Windywinston Thu 06-Mar-14 17:46:22

DD was born at 40+4 and was a massive 6lb 7oz. Newborn size was big but manageable but 0-3mths was huge on her. She was in 0-3 after a few weeks though, so I wouldn't stock up on too much in tiny/newborn sizes if I were you.

mewkins Thu 06-Mar-14 17:50:18

If you or your partner are tall try to get some footless babygros. I remember cramming my dds feet into somenewborn ones but as she was so long her feet were scrunched up! Ask around friends and see if they have any. You can never have too mmany on stand by but may npt want to buy loads as they will only be used for a few weeks.

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