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feel like a whale...

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nyldn Thu 06-Mar-14 09:09:02

overnight I just feel enormous, like my a** is just dragging behind me. 18 + 6. I know it's my own fault, no control w the sweets and serious lack of exercise, but needed a little moan. Think I've gained about 12 lb, so not a ton, but not a little. It's just very hard to feel good and comfortable now. Still in between showing and just looking pudgy, so that doesn't help either... that's all!

SweetPea86 Thu 06-Mar-14 09:14:58

My BMi was 30 when I fell preg. I didn't put any weight on until 20 weeks due to sickness then I've gained about 15lbs I know some of that is baby weight but still feel huge. Although I'm classed as obese sad all my bloods are healthy I'm active so I'm trying not to let the weight gain get me down too much, just remember once you've had baby the weight will hopefully come off smile

I know it's easier said than done but just try and make healthy choices and not worry about it. smile

nyldn Thu 06-Mar-14 09:46:07

how far are you now Sweetpea? I hope you're feeling well smile

luckily, I avoided serious morning sickness and was just extremely exhausted. Between the exhaustion and the rainy weather, I haven't been doing my normal 45 min walk to work, so glad I can start that again and hopefully cut out the nightly chocolate!

Boogles91 Thu 06-Mar-14 20:28:52

Im 21wks and have just started to get a rounder belly. Im not massive as im still a size 12 just not where the belly is lol and my scar from an op i had 4yrs ago fekkin kills! So i have to find things abit more comfier but i hate feeling my legs n arse wobble as i walk :@ makes me very paranoid sad x

FirsttimerG Thu 06-Mar-14 21:02:28

My bmi was 29 before I was pregnant. I am 9 weeks tomorrow and I've put on 4lbs.
I've had very little morning sickness and am constantly hungry. I am already big enough so I share your fears!

All I keep thinking is its only weight. As long as the baby is healthy it'll come off after.

slightlyinsane Thu 06-Mar-14 22:17:36

The best thing you can do is to leave the scales alone. You will put on what your body wants you to put on, some remain thin with a nice compact bump others just increase all over. I'm on pregnancy no4 each time I have put on less weight but I've also lost it quicker each time too. This time we need a new battery in the scales and I refuse to change it. So far it's been sooooooo much better as I'm not constantly stressing about what I've put on. I have always hated my weight and massively struggled with my shape and size. I have to try and move past that this time as I'm carrying twins, measuring 32 wks (as a singleton) at 25 wks, so there is no helping me. (I do think my bums smaller so far this time though :-))

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