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Petrified of being a mummy

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JJMARIE Thu 06-Mar-14 07:39:19

Hi all,

Me and my partner decided last year to try for a baby but both ended up admitting we had a lot going on not sure we are ready etc etc. Beginning of this year 2014 we said we don't think we will ever be ready and if we don't do it now we never will and new we didn't want to be childless. Our relationship is solid and we are so happy we have a great lifestyle and both have good jobs and have been used to a lovely lovely comfortable lifestyle.

I'm yet to do a test but am 99.9% sure I am pregnant and when I told my partner he didn't seem excited and I thought he lacked enthusiasm about it. It could just be that we don't 100% know yet but this has terrified me thinking he thinks its a mistake he doesn't want this and now I'm questioning my thoughts and how I feel. I am 32 he is 30 and have had 4 very happy years together and nothing fills me with more joy than thinking of a mini me or a mini him but also I worry as it will be a massive change and I'm more worried about my partner.

Has anyone else experienced this with a partner? Of course I plan to take a test and talk to him properly then but I wondered if anyone had experienced this and if they have any tips to offer as I don't want him to worry or be scared but think he might be after all its a massive change for the daddy as well.

Thank you ladies xxx

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