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Newly Pregnant... Help! Any tips?

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AmyLouise93 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:04:47

I have recently found out that I am pregnant for the first time and as I am quite young (only 20) I don't know many other people who have had children this young and I'm in need of some tips or clues for what is to come...
I have been to the GP who has faxed my info to the hospital but I haven't heard anything from them yet and am wondering if there is anything I should be doing in the mean time...
Any tips would be helpful. smile
Many Thanks

Casmama Wed 05-Mar-14 23:11:07

Congratulations! Main thing is to take a folic acid supplement of you are not already as it can reduce the risk of spina bifida

Have a read at this page too.

namechangeagaininnit Wed 05-Mar-14 23:13:08

Welcome to mumsnet!

I would do some reading about pregnancy and what to expect, starting with a basic book like What To Expect When You're Expecting. The library is your friend! There is of course loads of info online. Sign up for all of the emails.

I remember expecting that I should be doing lots of stuff at the beginning but actually the first 12 weeks just consist of a booking in appointment, midwife appointment maybe and then your scan.

Eat well and drink lots of water. Gentle exercise if you're already doing it. Sleep!

I would start thinking about a budget and saving some money over the next nine months. Get yourself in as good a position as you can. (I put my beer and fag money aside, ahem)

And enjoy! I really liked being pregnant.

HorraceTheOtter Wed 05-Mar-14 23:14:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alita7 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:22:48

I'm 20 as well smile Congratulations! How far are you? I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and super excited, it was planned smile don't worry about age- it's about your personality not your age smile I don't think there's anything else were meant to do that's not been mentioned smile

AmyLouise93 Wed 05-Mar-14 23:46:47

Casmama - Yeah I read that online. I brought some Folic Acid from the chemist and have started taking one a day but I was a bit concerned that I was taking them without the doctor saying so...

namechangeagaininnit - Its funny that you mentioned that book because that's the one I have ordered off eBay. Im a bit reluctant on doing any excersize in case I accidently nudge it about... (does that sound daft? :/ ) and its good you said you also felt like you weren't doing much... I feel like Im sitting around waiting to get fat. lol

Horracetheotter - you said the midwives contact me about 8 - 10 weeks in... But im not sure how far gone I am... I think its about two months from my own maths but at the GPs they only took my blood pressure and weight.. should I be concerned that they didn't do a proper pregnancy test?

alita7 - yayy! Its so nice to know that someone my age is going through this too. It was really unexpected and having to tell my family and boyfriend was tricky... But its done now... I think I am about 5 - 8 weeks but I honestly have no idea... :/

namechangeagaininnit Thu 06-Mar-14 00:01:43

When was your last period?

AmyLouise93 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:10:22

Its difficault to say because my periods were irregular for years before I got pregnant and could go 2-3 months without having one. Also I was on the contraceptive pill and it varied each month when I came off. I think it was just before Christmas so I could have gotten pregnant at any point from then.

namechangeagaininnit Thu 06-Mar-14 00:15:25

Ok well if your period was on 20 Dec, you could be 10 weeks pregnant. Did the doctor not discuss your last period or due date with you?

LegoCaltrops Thu 06-Mar-14 00:19:54


Ginger for morning sickness - doesn't always work! In fact I now can't stand ginger...

Sleep as much as you can.

Keep an eye on the sales for some baby clothes, or do you have any friends or family who have had a baby recently.

AmyLouise93 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:20:32

I told him, what I said to you about my irregular periods and that my last one was December. But that was all. Nothing about due dates or weeks gone or anything. I was a bit concerned as I have a vitamin deficiency and before I found out I was pregnant I was on lots of different vitamins. I have stopped taking them now but Im not sure if I should continue taking them. I have a lot of Questions. :/
My usual doctor was absent so the Doctor who I was talking to was a substitute...

HannahG315 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:21:24

Congrats! I'm 22 expecting and my first and NON of my friends have/ want or even like babies!!

Mumsnet is brill, but I'd also hunt local FB groups for other mums and mums to be. It can get a bit lonely otherwise and it's nice to have other you g mums to talk too.

That's my advice smile

namechangeagaininnit Thu 06-Mar-14 00:24:28

Don't worry about the vitamins, you can't do anything about it now smile Talk to your midwife when you see them. If you don't hear about your appointments and scan soon then definitely chase up.

alita7 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:40:41

Get pregnacare or similar for vitamins. You'll probably find the vits you were on were a good thing as you didn't know smile

AmyLouise93 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:41:05

Thanks a lot. Ill give them a week and if I don't hear anything i'll phone the hospital. smile

HannahG315 - Yeah I came about this site a couple of years ago when I was analysing this website!! Glad I remembered it because I've only been on it for a few hours and everyone has been so helpful!! smile

AmyLouise93 Thu 06-Mar-14 00:42:44

I've seen pregnacare but never really known which one to talk. I've kind of been waiting for the doctors to tell me what to do. lol. I know that sounds daft. smile

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Thu 06-Mar-14 02:12:34

Yes. To quote the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, DONT PANIC! grin
you will feel scarily ok some days and think there's something wrong and like shit other days and think there's something wrong.
you'll get scan doom every time because you think there's something wrong.
You'll think there's something wrong when you don't feel movement as early you think you should, then you'll worry that something is wrong because they're big and jammed in and asleep and don't move for a while.
It goes on and on.
And 99.999999% of the time everything is just fine .
Worrying is quite normal.
just remember, DONT PANIC! wink grin grin

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